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Growing up in South Western Ontario, the eldest child of three children, Joe Wilson spent summers at US military facilities around the globe with family members where he developed an insatiable interest in the intelligence and security fields at a very young age.


Through life experiences, military/intelligence community interaction and his natural curiosity, Joe learned to evaluate client risk through researching home invasions, compound breaches, facility break-ins and theft of intellectual property.


His last job before joining Sonitrol was as Director of Security for Brewer’s Retail (BRI, Molson’s and Labatt’s breweries retail and distribution arm). Brewer’s Retail government mandate only allowed them to accept cash, so consequently large sums of laundered cash put them at risk to armed robbery, leaving Joe extremely frustrated with conventional alarms and looking for answers to BRI’s security problems.


After a lengthy time of criminal activity at BRI, and over 1.4 million dollars loss a year, Joe was introduced to Sonitrol’s services by the Metro Toronto Police and an internationally acclaimed security consultant. After testing Sonitrol in 100 of 460 BRI outlets, BRI’s armed robbery activity dropped from 5 per week to 0 and the incident of break-ins and false alarms was reduced significantly. BRI’s complete reversal of criminal activity in such a short time frame got Joe so excited that he jumped onboard with the best security company in the business - Sonitrol in 1994.


In July 2000, at the request of existing Sonitrol clients, Joe packed up his wife, daughter and key Sonitrol team members and relocated from Sonitrol Canada’s offices in Toronto to Vancouver, eager to tackle the Western Canada’s security problems.


Sonitrol verified electronic security solutions were then available in Western Canada with the first companies using our integrated technology systems - Canadian Tire, Adidas, Costco, Public Works Canada, Ryder Logistics, Keg Restaurants, Synnex Computers and Gateway, were among the first clients to jump onboard.


Since then, Joe has enjoyed the chance to solve security challenges of hundreds of companies ... and he has lots of stories – the good, the bad and the down right crazy, to share.


To compliment his work at Sonitrol, Joe also works as a security consultant and regularly hosts training symposiums for law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, security consultants and private companies.


When it comes to understanding and catching criminals, Joe has seen and done his fair share. His training and expertise allows him to reach out and share knowledge on:


  • How criminals gain entry to facilities without tripping conventional alarms.
  • How to make facilities more physically secure.
  • What to look for in a criminal.
  • How police react to alarms and the implementation of verified only police response.


All Sonitrol Employees are Trained to be Security Consultants not Sales Reps


All Sonitrol team members are trained as security consultants rather than salespeople, through years of interaction with law enforcement, military/intelligence community colleagues, security consultants and insurance companies. Joe emphatically adds “his team  of consultants educate clients to their individual risks and design physical and electronic systems to eliminate or significantly reduce their clients associated risks”.




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Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityPerformance Warranty: Sonitrol will pay for the first $5,000 of any loss if a forced entry is not detected.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecuritySatisfaction Guarantee: We'll refund your installation fee and remove our equipment if you are dissatisfied with our service in the first 6 months.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityEmergency Service Guarantee: Sonitrol guarantees the on-site arrival of a service technician the same day you call.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityFalse Alarm Guarantee: Fine recovery assistance for any dispatched false alarms. Rapid response by Police to Sonitrol verified alarms.
Sonitrol Guaranteed SecurityCrime Deterrent: With over 175,000 criminal captures, and the highest apprehension rate in the industry, thieves avoid Sonitrol-monitored sites. 

We're so confident in our technology and responsive service, that no one else in the commercial alarm industry can match our guarantees.

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  • Sonitrol Western Canada Clients
  • Sonitrol Western Canada Clients
  • Sonitrol Western Canada Clients