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How to Secure Your Vancouver Construction Site From Rising Theft

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 9, 2021 1:49:28 PM

Did you know that Vancouver construction sites are experiencing a rising number of thefts? In fact, the Vancouver Police have gone as far as actively encouraging construction companies to take extra precautions to prevent crime, following a spike in thefts on the city’s west side. 

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Topics: Security for Construction Sites

How To Keep Your Multi-Tenant Office Building Secure From Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 1, 2021 11:00:00 AM

Leasing a commercial property with multiple tenants can be a lucrative business but it can also make security more difficult. The sheer number of employees, vendors and customers coming in and out of the office can open you up to a greater risk of criminal activities, such as theft, assault and vandalism. 

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Topics: Verified Video Surveillance

How to Protect Your Rural Farm in Western Canada From Thieves

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 18, 2021 12:15:00 PM

Do you have a security solution in place that protects your rural farm in Western Canada from theft? This is more important than ever before - and, thankfully, now there’s better security technology than there has ever been before as well. 

Crime on rural farms has been hitting the news quite frequently in recent times. Take a look at this story in the Calgary Herald for example. An investigation into the theft of four calves from a southern Alberta property resulted in RCMP recovering four missing calves, as well as seizing a bag of crystal meth and an unauthorized weapon. 

“The four calves have been returned to their owner, however, the impacts from crime as a result of a theft of this nature are ongoing,” Sgt. Gary Maclaren of the crime reduction unit said in a news release Wednesday.

“The victim will continue to experience not only the stress resulting from being a victim of crime but also the added financial costs, which include the cost of purchasing milk replacer and having to bottle-feed the animals as a result of them being apart from their mother too long. Other impacts are long-term effects on the mothers of the calves as a result of their separation, which can reduce their value.”

With that in mind, what can rural farms across Western Canada do to better protect their assets? We will answer your questions here.

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Topics: CCTV Video Surveillance

4 Tips That Will Protect Your Warehouse From Criminals

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 5, 2021 1:37:17 PM

Last September $150,00 in cell phones were stolen from an Alberta warehouse. And just this year, an Amazon warehouse in BC had hundreds of thousands of products stolen from their property. Even more recently, $70,00 worth of appliances were recovered from a warehouse theft in Abbotsford, Alberta. 

While these cases were solved, not all warehouse owners are as lucky. Sometimes products disappear unbeknownst to the company, while other times thieves get away with thousands of dollars in product and are never found. 

And if you think it’s only external threats or after-hours thefts you have to worry about, you’d be wrong. The Amazon products that went missing were stolen by an employee. 

So to help ensure your warehouse is safe and secure, we hope that these four tips will help you protect your assets:

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Topics: Security for Warehouses & Manufacturing

TotalGuard™ - Sonitrol’s Integrated & Affordable Security Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 28, 2021 11:41:27 AM

One of the key factors in selecting a commercial security system and partner company is how integrated the solution is across a business's many security needs. Another factor is affordability.

That’s where Sonitrol’s TotalGuard™ comes to the forefront. 

Sonitrol’s TotalGuard™ solution was designed specifically for the small to medium business market and offers affordable and professional security. Previously, many small business owners pieced together their own security system from off-the-shelf technology because it was cheap and ready to go. But those systems aren’t integrated, or verified, or monitored by professionals. The result was security protection in name only. TotalGuard™ is an all-in-one, edge-based device that acts as a standalone IoT panel. Each TotalGuard™ device includes Sonitrol impact activated audio detection, glass break analytics, video verification and surveillance, motion and wireless connectivity, all professionally monitored by a Sonitrol Central Station.

In addition to its many powerful features, the solution was needed for the ability to easily connect with other alarm points as each business has different security needs. Here’s a CCTV video clip of an actual TotalGuard™ apprehension!

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Topics: Commercial Security

Top 8 Tips That Will Ensure Your Physical Office is Secure

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 14, 2021 9:57:59 AM

Whether you run a small, medium or large-sized business in Western Canada with a physical office space, your organization is vulnerable to a variety of threats such as break-and-enters or vandalism.

Offices contain a wide range of valuable items, such as computers, cash and legal documents, making them a top target for criminals who are looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck. 

That’s why office security is so essential. 

Keeping your physical workplace secure, however, can be a daunting task. That’s why here at Sonitrol Western Canada we have compiled this list of the eight top tips that will improve your office security. We hope it helps!

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Topics: Office Workplace Security

Catalytic Converters Target of Automotive Related Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 8, 2021 7:16:19 AM

It’s not uncommon to hear about thieves creeping into parking lots at night and stealing tires, batteries and tailgates. But the newest trend among thieves is catalytic converters. 


Because those catalytic converters contain precious metals that are rising in value. 

And while catalytic converter thefts are not uncommon, the rate of thefts has increased drastically. In 2019 and 2020, catalytic converter theft claims nearly doubled according to one insurance company in BC. 

And it isn’t just individuals that are having their catalytic converters stolen. 

A car auction company in Moncton, New Brunswick had 33 converters stolen. There have been thefts at mechanic shops. Even private business fleets are being targeted. One business in Guelph, Ontario had catalytic converters removed from all of their trucks

Think it is only an Eastern Canada issue? In BC’s lower mainland, ICBC reported losses of $2 million from catalytic converter thefts in 2020 alone. 

And it isn’t just the cost of replacement parts and repairs that businesses need to worry about. They also have to manage delays, declining customer satisfaction and lost revenue from missed work.

So how do you protect your vehicle compounds and dealerships from this costly theft?

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Topics: Dealerships

5 Ways to Prevent Theft at Education Facilities in Western Canada

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 24, 2021 1:04:19 PM

Did you know that nearly all teachers (95 percent) are now using technology in the classroom in some shape or form?

Technology in the classroom comes with some incredible benefits, such as personalized teaching, improved teacher efficiencies, and further equipping students with the digital skills they need for 21st Century careers. 

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Topics: Security Systems for Schools

4 Security Tips For Pharmacies & Medical Centers

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 23, 2021 12:47:00 PM

Calgary has been experiencing a surge in pharmacy theft with 42 pharmacies targeted since September 2020. It may seem like a small number but compared to the single pharmacy robbery in 2019, this is a huge increase. 

Staff have been held up at gunpoint as well as tied up and locked in bathrooms in more recent cases.

And with ongoing debates over COVID and vaccines, many pharmacies owners and managers are concerned about the safety of their staff and customers. To help make sure that your pharmacy is safe during the pandemic and as vaccines roll out, consider these 4 steps.

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Topics: Pharmacy and Drug Store Security

Retail Security: 5 Ways to Protect Your Store From Violent Shoplifters

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 17, 2021 10:29:19 AM

Are you worried about violent shoplifting having an impact on your Vancouver-based retail store this year? Well, we have both good and bad news for you - both of which show just how important it is to have an effective retail security solution in 2021. 

Let’s start with the good news. A month-long crackdown in January and February has resulted in nearly 300 recommended criminal charges against people police allege are violent and prolific shoplifters working in downtown Vancouver. 

The initiative, named Project Arrow, resulted in: 

  • the investigation of 250 shoplifting incidents; 
  • the arrest of 130 individual offenders; 
  • the recommendation of 268 criminal charges;
  • $37,093 in stolen merchandise recovered and returned to merchants 
  • and the seizure of 35 weapons.

The bad news is that there’s a reason why the police have taken this action. The initiative was established in response to the growing crime in downtown Vancouver.

In a statement released by the Vancouver Police Department, Inspector Rob Clarke, Operations Division, said: “Last year in the downtown core, VPD saw a 260 per cent increase in shoplifting incidents involving weapons such as bear spray, knives, needles, and guns, when compared to the previous year.”

With the number of violent shoplifting incidents on the rise, it’s more important than ever before that Vancouver retailers properly secure their premises. That’s why, in this blog, Sonitrol Western Canada has listed five key tips that will enhance retail security.

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Topics: Verified Video Surveillance, Crime Prevention Tips

Catalytic Converters More Valuable Than Gold: Secure Your Dealership!

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 11, 2021 9:23:55 AM

Is your automotive dealership secure from the threat of criminals? With catalytic converters now more valuable than gold, now is the time to focus on your dealership’s security strategy to ensure your business is safe from the rising threat of theft.

The theft of catalytic converters from the exhaust system of vehicles has become a growing problem across Canada, with thieves targeting the three precious metals inside the converter - platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Those metals are currently more valuable than gold, leaving dealerships at increased risk of theft.

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Topics: Security for Auto Dealerships

Survey Reveals Rise in Vandalism and Retail Break-ins During the Pandemic

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 3, 2021 8:47:05 AM

A few months back, Vancity released a survey of the downtown strips in Victoria, Vancouver, Surrey and Kamloops. The results showed an increase in vandalism and retail break-ins and that retail businesses are greatly concerned about rising crime on the street.

You might think this goes against the lock-downs, and you are right that ‘feet on the street’ numbers are way down. In fact, Government Street in Victoria had one million fewer visits to the retail block but still retailers said their main concern was crime and safety.

If you are in this situation we understand the situation. Not only are retailers dealing with loss of revenue because of limited hours, closed locations, and other pandemic effects - but the pandemic has introduced more security issues. Closed stores, less people around, especially at night, has made store fronts vulnerable.

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Topics: Retail Security

Protecting Coin Shops & Bullion Stores from Robbery

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 23, 2021 10:41:00 AM

Have you been following the news about the silver market? Earlier in February the CEO of SD Bullion said in a Bloomberg interview...

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Topics: Verified Video Surveillance

CCTV Versus Verified Alarms

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 11, 2021 7:20:34 AM

Successful security systems are increasingly reliant on advances in technology and software, and these innovations are helping organizations to ensure they properly protect their people and their assets.

Yet, despite this, many organizations are still using traditional CCTV cameras to secure their premises. This technology is not only outdated, it’s simply no longer up to the task of securing your property.

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Topics: CCTV Versus Sonavision

School Security Systems for Canadian Education Facilities - Protecting Property from Vandalism

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 28, 2021 1:33:47 PM

School security is a growing concern throughout Canada especially with many boards dealing with off and on facility closures due to the pandemic. Whereas before schools were more vulnerable during extended holidays and summer closures, now schools have additional periods of closure because of government lock-downs.

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Topics: School Security

Excavator Theft and More - Tips to Protect Your Construction Site

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 20, 2021 8:31:50 AM

You may have seen the headlines last January or saw the post on social media, but this time last year Nanaimo RCMP and a heavy construction equipment contractor were dealing with the theft of a mini excavator stolen from a City of Nanaimo job site. Work had to stop on the sewer and water mains project while the theft was being investigated.

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Topics: Construction Security, Security for Construction Sites

How to Protect Your Alberta Dealership From Theft

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 13, 2021 8:38:38 AM

Electronic auto theft is on the rise across Canada, according to a new report from the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC), as more vehicles are equipped with technology like keyless entry remotes.

These new findings show just how important it is for automotive dealerships in Alberta (and Western Canada in general) to invest in a world-class dealership security solution.

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Topics: Security for Auto Dealerships

False Alarms are Costly Time-Wasters

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 6, 2021 12:01:48 PM

In the News: 

“Alberta RCMP are following a new alarm policy after just under 15,500 false alarms took up an estimated 8,000 human resource hours in 2017. The new policy, which came into effect on July 13, states that police will verify alarms before responding and will not respond to alarms that are only triggered once.

Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) is asking city council to raise the fee when officers respond to false alarms. Officials believe by increasing the fee, it would serve as a further deterrent for security alarm customers from having false alarms and allow officers to spend more time on other duties. On average, officers have responded to 2,100 false alarms each year over the past five years.” Global News

Despite decades of warnings and changes to bylaws to introduce fines, local police forces are still burdened with false alarms every year. If a false alarm results in a call to the police or other emergency services, it isn’t just the time and money of the emergency services that will be wasted - it often now results in a fine for your business.

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Topics: Security Tips

New Year’s Resolution to Increase Business Security? Don't Wait.

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 29, 2020 9:05:00 AM

The disruption to work environments, work schedules and all manner of processes, especially those dealing with customers and employees will be carrying over into 2021. As we head towards March, we’ll be in the frame of a full year of working in a pandemic.

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Topics: Verified Video Surveillance

Looking Back at Some Criminal Captures in 2020

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 23, 2020 11:12:30 AM

Did you know that Sonitrol Security Systems lead the industry in criminal captures? Over 182,000 recorded arrests have been made since 1977, in locations across North America using Sonitrol alarms!

I thought I’d share a few criminal capture testimonials that we received over the course of this year. We post these on a regular basis on our website to share the feedback which often includes video or audio clips of the actual incidents.

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Topics: criminal captures

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