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Security in Western Canada: Sonitrol is a Brand That Police Trust

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 15, 2019 11:00:00 AM


Since 1977 Sonitrol has assisted with the capture of over 175,000 criminals. This success is a result of our verified surveillance technology, which catches criminals in the act, as well as our strong relationships with authorities across North America.

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Why You Need A Commercial Security System With A Low False Alarm Rate

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 30, 2017 1:00:00 PM

Nobody expects to have their business fall victim to robbery, vandalism, arson or any number of crimes but it happens.

While you can’t stop the risk completely you can reduce it, and if it does happen, there is a way to feel confident that the necessary response teams will be there quickly.

Sonitrol’s unique verified audio and video CCTV security systems enable our operators to hear and see what is happening at your place of business before the criminals gain entry! This allows us to verify the source of the alarm in real-time, and if it is the result of criminal activity, the local authorities are notified swiftly.

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Topics: CCTV, Police Response Times, CCTV Video Surveillance, Prevent False Alarms

Why Conventional Security Systems Don’t Work

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 3, 2016 7:45:09 AM

Conventional security systems have been used in the work place for many decades, and they still remain popular for many businesses today.  However, conventional security systems have security problems that you should be aware of. They are not effective because they are easily beaten and do not receive a Police Response. They may use motion detectors and door contacts but they cause nothing but false alarms and user headaches. This is not an alarm system that a criminal would be afraid of, nor is it a deterrent.

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Topics: Verified Alarms, Police Response Times, Prevent False Alarms

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