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9 Ways to Protect Your Business in Western Canada From Vandalism (Part 2)

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 17, 2019 11:33:01 AM

Bored youth, disgruntled employees, angry customers, celebrators that get out of hand and protestors – there are many individuals who may commit vandalism and all for different reasons.

And the cost of vandalism goes beyond the direct expenses associated with removing or repairing damages. Vandalism can tarnish your organization's reputation, disrupt your business’ operations and cause you to lose customers who don’t want to associate with a business under attack or who fear for their safety.

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9 Ways to Protect Your Business in Western Canada From Vandalism (Part 1)

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 10, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Implementing a security solution to protect your small business in Western Canada from theft is probably a constant concern for your business, and with the protection of your staff members and assets in mind it 100 per cent should be. But, are you also protected against the threat of vandalism?

Vandalism can cause unnecessary damage and cost for your business. Unfortunately, virtually all business properties are subject to the threat of vandalism at some point.

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Topics: vandalism

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