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How Monitored Access Control Can Deter Crime for Canadian Businesses

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 23, 2023 8:30:00 AM

From small startups to large corporations, the need for robust security measures has never been more critical. 

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Topics: Office Building Security, Monitored Audio Alarms

Why You Should Use Verified Audio Intrusion Detection

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 22, 2016 2:00:00 PM


Are you using conventional security alarms for your business? You may be putting your business and your livelihood at risk. Using non-verified security alarms makes you rely on easily compromised technology - such as motion sensors and door contacts. These older, less effective systems have a remarkable 98-percent false alarm rate.

 A proven solution to increase the effectiveness of your security system is to add Verified Audio detection.

Why is Audio Detection superior to the motion sensors of conventional alarm systems?

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Topics: Security Tips, Monitored Audio Alarms, Verified Security Alarms

How Verified Alarm Systems Stop False Alarms

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 4, 2015 10:00:00 AM

False alarms happen all the time with conventional alarm systems and as a business owner, they leave you with a difficult decision to make.  

Do you dispatch police immediately and possibly incur a false alarm fee or do you check on your business first to make sure it's a real threat and by the time you get there it's already to late.  A staggering 94% of all alarm activations are false.

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Topics: CCTV Video Surveillance, Monitored Audio Alarms, Prevent False Alarms

How Does Verified Audio Intrusion Work?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 21, 2015 11:40:20 AM

A crime is in progress.  It’s your business that has been targeted. The audio sensors have been triggered by the sound of glass breaking and hushed conversations.  But unknown to the would-be thieves, the Police have already been dispatched ... before they find anything to steal.  On average Police will arrive within 3.5 minutes – and capture the thieves.   

This security system process is smooth and very effective.  An audio sensor is triggered, our expert operators verify that the alarm is real and the Police are dispatched immediately.  It seems simple.  But how does it actually work?

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Topics: Monitored Audio Alarms, Verified Security Alarms

Why Are Verified Alarms The Best Business Burglar Alarms?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 30, 2015 6:36:21 AM

When your alarm goes off in the middle of the night, you need the peace of mind knowing that criminals are apprehended before they are able to do any damage to your business.


Verified security solutions are the most effective method of securing and protecting your business.  They not only reduce your false alarm rate, but they also ensure fast police response times and criminal apprehensions. 


Verified alarms help police catch criminals so they don’t get away with your precious goods, endanger your employees or vandalize your property.


What Is A Verified Alarm?


Integrated Sonitrol security technology is unique. We use two types of verified security alarmsaudio intrusion detection and live monitored video - CCTV.  When your alarm is tripped, our unique push technology allows our expert operators to monitor your business live via these audio and CCTV security systems from the central monitoring station.


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Shocking $365m Hatton Garden Robbery Could Have Been Prevented With Sonitrol Verified Audio

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 16, 2015 6:32:58 AM

Calling all vaults around the world ... you have to upgrade your security alarms to a Verified Active Audio Security System.


The recent Hatton Garden jewelry heist has the makings of a Hollywood movie.  A gang of six thieves plotted to commit a bold robbery of precious jewels and cash in London England’s jewelry district.  

These sophisticated thieves patiently hid in an office building waiting for staff to complete their safety deposit centre lockup on Easter weekend.  

Once the coast was clear, the criminals proceeded to rappel down an elevator shaft until they reached the basement.  After cutting through metal security bars, the jewel thieves disabled the vault alarm system and used state-of-the-art tools to drill through an 18 inch thick reinforced metal door!  The drilling would have made a lot of noise and yet there were no active audio alarms used, just CCTV.

The bold gem thieves raided over 70 safety deposit boxes, returning twice within the 3-day heist.  And they got away clean although it was all recorded on CCTV so owners and investigators could watch after the fact. 

This case is an example where how a conventional motion sensor/ door contact security alarm failed to protect precious gems valued at 200 million pounds.


So what went wrong?

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Topics: CCTV Video Surveillance, SonaVision Online Monitoring, Monitored Audio Alarms

Luxury High-End Retailers Need High-End Security Systems

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 9, 2015 1:30:45 PM


 Every retailer knows that carelessly handled inventory and internal “shrinkage” can add up to a serious bottom-line problem. But when your inventory is literally made up of precious gems, lots of gold, high-end custom jewelry, and the most expensive luxury handbags and fashion accessories you can imagine, a single item of lost inventory can add up very quickly indeed, and the "loss" of more than one item can be financially huge with a large impact on your bottom line.


Add to this the temptation that a random smash-and-grab thief may have, or the specific targeting of a luxury goods store by sophisticated and organized criminals, often armed, then you'll quickly see the need and importance to have a top quality security solution.


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Topics: Retail Security, CCTV Video Surveillance, SonaVision Online Monitoring, Monitored Audio Alarms, Building Access Control

Protect Your Warehouse From Criminals with Verified Audio Intrusion

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 6, 2015 9:35:00 AM


Warehouses and Distribution Centres pose a unique challenge for security due to their large size and complex layouts.  

Conventional alarms in a warehouse environment consist of motion sensors that detect movement at popular entry points such as doors, windows and in the aisles of inventory and goods. Unfortunately, this type of conventional, unverified alarm system will not protect your warehouse or distribution centre from criminals.  Why?

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Topics: Monitored Audio Alarms, Verified Security Alarms, Security for Warehouses & Manufacturing

The Importance of Professional Remote Monitoring For Your Security System

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 9, 2014 5:27:57 PM


Across Western Canada there are tens of thousands of CCTV cameras protecting valuable business assets that do nothing more than record what's going on.  In some cases these cameras are watched by an expensive on-site security guard who really does try to stay awake watching a static CCTV monitor for activity.


Most CCTV security systems don’t have a human watching them live and are either naively used as a visual deterrent, or people only view the recorded CCTV footage retrospectively, and get to watch the break-in after the fact, after the criminal has gone, and the damage has been done.

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Topics: Retail Security, CCTV Video Surveillance, SonaVision Online Monitoring, Monitored Audio Alarms, Verified Security Alarms

Retail Crime Data Shows Better Retail Security Alarm Systems Needed

Posted by David Terry

Jun 24, 2014 8:17:00 AM

Back in November, just before consumers packed the malls and small neighbourhood shops, Crime Stoppers ran a campaign to make people more aware of retail crime.

Crime Stoppers purchased radio ads, distributed flyers, and promoted a slick interactive website - where members of the public could participate in an onine poll to vote for stiffer penalties for retail theft.


Surprising Statistics From Crime Stoppers About Retail Crimes In Canada

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Topics: Retail Security, CCTV Video Surveillance, Monitored Audio Alarms

Benefits of Verified Audio and Video Surveillance for Commercial Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 29, 2013 6:43:00 PM

Does your business have the best security in place?

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Topics: CCTV Video Surveillance, Monitored Audio Alarms, Verified Security Alarms

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