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How Verified Video Will Secure Your Licensed Medical Marijuana Production Facility From the Threat of Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 24, 2019 11:00:00 AM

While Canada has recently legalized the production and sale of recreational marijuana, this isn’t the only growing market for Canadian marijuana production facilities.

Many countries around the world are now beginning to legalize medicinal cannabis, and this emerging global cannabis industry is opening up new opportunities for licensed medical marijuana production facilities across Western Canada to tap into new revenue and profit streams.

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Topics: Legal Marijuana Grow-Op Security

The Marijuana Industry Needs High Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 28, 2017 9:10:43 AM

This month, the Liberal Government announced that they will be introducing legislation by July 2018 that will legalize marijuana.

It's still unclear how cannabis will be distributed (i.e. government run stores, pharmacies or private shops, etc.) and what requirements will need to be fulfilled before a retail store or grow op can be started, but what we can foresee is an increase in the number of legal marijuana retailers and growers.

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Topics: Legal Marijuana Grow-Op Security, Security for Marijuana Grow-Ops

Protect Your Business With the 5 D's of Commercial Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 10, 2017 7:15:47 AM

Business owners are right to be concerned about the security of their facility and property. Businesses are the number one targets for crime. The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association estimates that property crime averages 75% of all crime committed. 

It's true that some types of commercial enterprises are more attractive to thieves because of what they sell or inventory - medical marijuana, jewelry, electronics, to name a few, but even if you aren't in high-end retail, don't be fooled into thinking you are safe. Thieves break into constructions sites, tire warehouses, fenced compounds, and even ordinary business offices, to steal information like employee data for identify theft.

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