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How to Better Secure Your Underground Parking Garage or Parking Lot

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 3, 2024 12:53:24 PM

Protecting your commercial parking facility goes beyond just safeguarding vehicles; it's about ensuring the safety and peace of mind of everyone who uses it. Closed parking lots are prime targets for theft, vandalism, and other criminal activities, posing a significant risk to car owners and their passengers.

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Topics: Fenced Compounds

Extend Security Measures to Outdoor Premises - 12 Tips for Business Managers

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 25, 2024 1:29:00 PM

Protecting your facility from crime involves not only interior alarms and surveillance but also monitored surveillance systems covering the outside of building and parking areas. Criminals are increasingly targeting these exterior spaces, seeking vulnerable entry points to exploit.

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Topics: Fenced Compounds, Building Access Control

Warehouses and Distribution Centres Need Top Quality Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 19, 2020 9:43:31 AM

If you are a wholesaler or a large retailer, you know that considerable capital can be tied up in stock or inventory. The reputation of your business depends on maintaining the quality of products that are being stored - from unexpected disasters like flooding or even from vandalism. Not to mention protecting your assets from theft. In addition to loss of product, not having sufficient inventory can cause upheaval with your clients that count on the availability of product for their business.

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Topics: Fenced Compounds, vandalism

Verified Security Solutions: How to Protect Your Rural Alberta Farm From Thieves

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 4, 2020 9:13:00 AM

Rural farmers in Alberta and Western Canada have hundreds of thousands of dollars invested in equipment, facilities and crops. Yet many are still struggling to implement effective security solutions to protect their bottom line.

This has been highlighted in recent weeks by the sheer amount of canola theft occurring in the province. In fact, in Alberta farmers have reported that entire acres of canola have been stolen by thieves.

According to CBC News, large groups of around 15 to 20 people have been trespassing onto canola fields in the Calgary area this summer, cutting down canola crops with scythes and jamming the plants into plastic bags before driving away.

One farmer reported that he had already lost around two acres of crops this year.

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Topics: Fenced Compounds, Surveillance

8 Businesses That Need Video Security Systems

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 4, 2017 6:05:37 AM

Monitored and verified CCTV / video security systems ensure your business is protected. Anytime you're not watching, criminals will seize the chance to act.

CCTV surveillance can be used to protect companies in a number of industries. Surveillance doesn’t just mean installing a CCTV camera. The system needs to be monitored and alarms verified, otherwise a CCTV camera is just a recording device.

Here are 8 businesses that can benefit greatly from the use of monitored and verified CCTV and video security systems.

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Topics: Automotive, Fenced Compounds, Restaurants, Commercial Security, CCTV, Copper Theft, Construction Security, Retail Security, Office Building Security, Church, Dealerships, Security for Pharmacies

Protect Your Business With the 5 D's of Commercial Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 10, 2017 7:15:47 AM

Business owners are right to be concerned about the security of their facility and property. Businesses are the number one targets for crime. The National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association estimates that property crime averages 75% of all crime committed. 

It's true that some types of commercial enterprises are more attractive to thieves because of what they sell or inventory - medical marijuana, jewelry, electronics, to name a few, but even if you aren't in high-end retail, don't be fooled into thinking you are safe. Thieves break into constructions sites, tire warehouses, fenced compounds, and even ordinary business offices, to steal information like employee data for identify theft.

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Topics: Fenced Compounds, Commercial Security, Legal Marijuana Grow-Op Security, Construction Security, Retail Security, Office Building Security, CCTV Video Surveillance, Building Access Control, Criminal Apprehension

How to Protect Your Construction Site

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 23, 2017 10:10:00 AM

Construction sites are a favourite target for the theft of valuable items and vandalism. If you're getting ready for your spring construction project then you should also be planning for your construction site security. 

According to the US Database of Stolen Heavy Equipment - The National Equipment Register - one-third of construction site thefts are reported on Monday mornings (this is because they're broken into over weekends and not noticed until employees show up Monday for work) , and more than 70 percent of thefts are from construction sites with a lack of adequate security, if any.

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Topics: Fenced Compounds, Equipment, Construction Security

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