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8 Businesses That Need Video Security Systems

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 4, 2017 6:05:37 AM

8 Businesses That Need Video Security SystemsMonitored and verified CCTV / video security systems ensure your business is protected. Anytime you're not watching, criminals will seize the chance to act.

CCTV surveillance can be used to protect companies in a number of industries. Surveillance doesn’t just mean installing a CCTV camera. The system needs to be monitored and alarms verified, otherwise a CCTV camera is just a recording device.

Here are 8 businesses that can benefit greatly from the use of monitored and verified CCTV and video security systems.

Construction Sites and Compounds

Whether you’re starting from the ground up, or renovating an existing building, you’re vulnerable to break-ins, vandalism, fire and other threats. Unprotected construction sites also have a high risk of theft of uninstalled and installed materials (for example copper), as well as equipment and tools

Monitored video surveillance will help minimize these threats and reduce the associated costs. In addition, video security will allow you to track the comings and going of anybody spending time on your site, including workers, delivery companies, and trespassers.  

Vacant buildings are also attractive to metal thieves who will rip copper pipe and wiring out of walls causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage.


Offices are full of equipment, supplies and information that is very attractive to criminals - but that is not the only thing that needs protection, so do your employees.

Employees who interact with the public are vulnerable to anything from abuse to armed attack. Verified video security systems can be installed to give a clear view of anybody who interacts with guests, customers or patients, giving a visual record of people as they arrive and acting as a deterrent to criminal or abusive behaviour.

Identity theft is a growing concern. How secure are your confidential records? What would criminals get access to if they took files or computers (with saved passwords)?

Retail Stores

Similar to office space, retailers want to protect their equipment, inventory and employees but, retail stores are also at risk for theft by both shoplifters and employees. Most trade magazines estimate retail shrinkage to be in the region of 2-3½% of revenue.

With Sonitrol’s monitored and verified video security, every action in a retail store can be recorded. Cameras help to track the actions of workers, especially when they are making critical financial transactions, such as correcting or cancelling of a sale, withdrawing money or altering personal information, as well as customers. This ensures you product is safe and that shrinkage in minimized.


Restaurants must protect themselves against a number of risks.

During business hours, you’re vulnerable to hold-ups and the growing trend in employee theft. After hours, your restaurant could be the target of burglars or vandals. Or what if you have a kitchen fire or a freezer fails and costs you thousands of dollars.

Monitored video security can help protect your business 24x7 against these and other threats, while minimizing costs and streamlining investigations.


Similar to our construction sites and compounds, automotive, RV and equipment dealerships have to protect their equipment, inventory and buildings. Dealerships are not only vulnerable to vehicle thefts, but also to theft by stripping vehicle parts such as catalytic converters, air bags, navigation systems, tires and rims.  

You have valuable assets to protect – a Sonavision security system can help.

Places of Worship

Faith-Based organizations are as much a target for criminals as any other segment of society.

And because faith based groups make it a priority to develop a welcoming and open environment, they are often viewed by criminals as easy targets, providing easy access and freedom of movement. The best way to safeguard against possible crime is to monitor access to your facility, and to protect it after-hours with a comprehensive verified video security solution.

Educational Institutions

With the number of school based crimes occurring in Canada, educational institutions, both public and private, are beginning to use verified video surveillance for school security to monitor visitors, track unacceptable student behaviour and maintain a record of evidence in the event of a crime.

CCTV security is generally acceptable in hallways, parking lots, and front offices where students, employees, and parents come and go.


The Pharmaceutical Industry in Western Canada is growing rapidly and so are the associated security risks.  

Today, stringent guidelines make security even more critical. Monitored video security systems can be a great tool for helping healthcare facilities comply with regulations and protect their property, assets, employees and patients and are often placed in high traffic areas and near drugs that are at constant risk of internal and external theft and burglary.

Choose Sonitrol

Your needs are our highest priority. Our systems are custom designed to meet your specific business and situation. Using a combination of fully monitored and verified audio and video surveillance, we ensure that your business is safe from threats, specific to your industry.

Whether they are buying, selling or leasing a Sonitrol Secuirty System, our customers stay with us for decades because of our industry based expertise, efficient detection systems and excellent customer service.

For a Free Security Plan or to find out how we can help protect your company, contact us today!

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Sonitrol Western Canada, with its Verified Electronic Security Systems, is committed to providing customers with the most comprehensive security protection.  Cooperation in the elimination of false alarms is not only beneficial to the system’s user but results in better protection of the entire community by allowing law enforcement to use their resources as efficiently as possible.

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