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Benefits of Verified Audio and Video Surveillance for Commercial Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 29, 2013 6:43:00 PM

audio-and-videoDoes your business have the best security in place?


If you have a security system already, but it’s not a verified surveillance system, you’re probably familiar with the number of false alarms that a normal system can have. False alarms are frustrating and lead to a slower response from local enforcement officials. Nothing could be more devastating to the success of a business alarm system than a slow response during a break-in.


Verified audio and video surveillance systems in Western Canada are designed to reduce the number of false alarms and encourage a quick response from local law enforcement. In fact, companies that sell and install verified audio and video surveillance systems work directly with local police forces in order to ensure they have a good relationship and that they understand the value of the security system.


How Do Verified Security Systems Work?


A verified audio and video surveillance system includes full-time monitoring by a security professional. If an alarm is triggered, the security company can quickly tell if it is a false alarm or if there is someone getting too close to your buildings. If it truly is an intruder alarm, the police are called immediately and can respond quickly. Because the alarm is verified, the police know they must hurry in order to protect your business and assets. That is why response times are quicker than with traditional security systems.


Businesses that value their inventory or property find that investing in a verified surveillance system is worth their while. In the long run, if you have a verified system, you know you can trust it to protect your business as effectively as possible. Working with the security company, you can create a complete system that is unique to your location.


Many business owners in Vancouver, BC and all around Western Canada rely on verified audio and video surveillance systems. As more and more businesses learn about the benefits of verified surveillance systems, more are upgrading their systems so they can rest easy when they are not at the location themselves. Besides being more successful at keeping businesses safe, a verified system will also contribute to the peace of mind of business owners and managers.


If you’re considering a verified audio and video surveillance system, you’re headed in the right direction. They are the top technology available today for businesses that want to protect themselves from costly break-ins. Sonitrol Western Canada provides a low false alarm rate, quick law enforcement response times and high apprehension rate.


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