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9 Ways to Protect Your Business in Western Canada From Vandalism (Part 1)

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 10, 2019 11:00:00 AM

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Implementing a security solution to protect your small business in Western Canada from theft is probably a constant concern for your business, and with the protection of your staff members and assets in mind it 100 per cent should be. But, are you also protected against the threat of vandalism?

Vandalism can cause unnecessary damage and cost for your business. Unfortunately, virtually all business properties are subject to the threat of vandalism at some point.

However, taking some simple measures can help protect your business against the threat of vandalism - saving your company money and giving you, as a business owner, peace of mind. Before we get into some security steps, let’s first take a look at what vandalism actually is and the impact it can have on your business.

What is vandalism?

The act of vandalism is to deliberately, mischievously or maliciously destroy or damage property without the owner’s permission. This includes a wide range of criminal acts, including breaking windows, spray painting your retail wall with graffiti, slashing tires at a car dealership or damaging your company’s premises.

The type of sentence given for vandalism is dependent on the amount of financial or emotional damage caused by the offense.

Vandalism is committed towards organizations for a variety of reasons including:

  • Expressing frustration at a business, with the aim of punishing them.
  • Communication and ideology or political belief.
  • To express hate.
  • Showcase gang affiliations
  • And much more.

What is the impact of vandalism on a business?

Vandalism to your organization will result in wasted money being spent on cleaning and repairing fees, and these will hit your bottom line. However, one of the main impacts is the potential disruption to business.

If vandalism or damage isn’t repaired immediately, this could have a negative effect on your brand’s reputation and the way potential customers perceive your company. This negative perception will result in lost profits, but also a higher chance that further vandals will target your business in the future.

How can my business prevent vandalism?

1 - Install good lighting around your premises

Vandals do not want to be caught, and that means they don’t want to be seen at all. As a result, they will target businesses that are dark so that they can stay easily hidden while carrying out the act of vandalism.

By keeping the area around your company’s premises well lit, you will deter vandals from even considering your property. Take a walk around your business at night and simply look for any dark areas that you think may hide a vandal - then install lighting there!

2 - Communicate with your local authorities

If you have a disgruntled customer, operate in an area that is suffering from a bout of vandalism or have any other concerns that you think may make your business susceptible to vandalism, then speak to your local authorities.

Your local police department, as well as neighbouring businesses, should be happy to work with you to ensure your area is as well protected from vandals as it can be.

3 - Ensure your business looks presentable

It may sound like obvious advice for your business in general, but ensuring your premises are presentable will do a significant amount for deterring vandalism. Vandals who see a tidy and well-maintained business will believe that they are less likely to get away with damaging or destroying your assets.

4 - Implement a verified video security solution

By implementing a verified security solution, you’ll ensure you have the best security solution on the market to catch vandals in the act. Sonitrol Western Canada’s world-class verified technology uses audio and video surveillance to verify every alarm before the emergency services are called.

This means false alarms simply do not happen with Sonitrol, unlike the high rate in which they occur with conventional CCTV technology. By verifying vandalism threats in real-time through our central monitoring operators, vandals are caught in real-time before they can do any real damage to your business.

This is because police respond to Sontrol’s verified alarms in just 3.5 minutes, compared to the 45 minute response time of traditional CCTV alarms. Verified security really is the best way to stop vandals damaging or destroying your company’s assets.

Want to learn more about Sonitrol Western Canada’s unique verified security solution and how it can benefit your business? Contact us today.

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