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Six Essential Security Measures for Commercial Protection

High-end Retail Robbery - Don’t Use CCTV Cameras to Secure Your Jewellery Store

How to Better Secure Your Underground Parking Garage or Parking Lot

Extend Security Measures to Outdoor Premises - 12 Tips for Business Managers

Boosting Business Security: Inside BC's Rebate Program

Garda $30 Million Heist - 3 Ways Sonavision Could Have Stopped the Crime

The Advantages of Sonitrol's Verified Audio Intrusion Detection Systems

How to Better Secure Your Warehouse and Distribution Center from Theft

Responding to Retail Crime Threats with Sonitrol’s Advanced Security Systems

Securing the Build: Tackling Construction Theft in Canada with Sonitrol

10 Ways to Improve Restaurant Security

Protecting Your Pharmacy: How to Defend Against Internal & External Threats

Rising Crime: A Concern for Small Businesses in Western Canada

Comparison: Choosing the Right Security Solution for Your Business

Defending Your Business From Door-to-Door Scams - Tips From the RCMP

Security Guards Vs Video Surveillance: What’s Best?

Does Your Commercial Security Plan Include These 7 Key Components?

Creating a Safe Workplace: The Importance of Panic Buttons

10 Tips to Better Protect the Codes of Your Electronic Security System

The Evolution of Commercial Security: Why Verified Alarms are Best

Essential Tips for Securing Your Retail Store During the Holidays

Your Guide to Minimizing Retail Crime in British Columbia

17 Top Business Security Tips for the Holiday Season

How Monitored Access Control Can Deter Crime for Canadian Businesses

RCMP Urge Alberta Businesses to Protect Their Commercial Properties

British Columbia Introduces Funds for Vandal-Hit Businesses

The ROI of Business Security: How Investing in Security Saves Money

Cybersecurity Vs. Physical Security: Why Businesses Need Both

10 Common Misconceptions About Verified Security

Monitored Access Control: Separating Fact From Fiction

Unlocking the Hidden Advantages of Commercial Security Systems

Debunking Common Misconceptions About Surveillance Systems

The Evolution of Security Systems

How to Enhance Student Safety With Sonitrol's Advanced Technologies

Safeguarding Outdoor Spaces and Parking Lots for Business Owners

The Future of Business Security: Embracing Innovations and Trends

Rise in Workplace Violence: 5 Strategies for Enhancing Employee Safety

6 Security Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid at All Costs

Enhancing Security With a Managed Access Control System

Solutions for Protecting Your Business from Insider Threats

Enhancing Employee Safety with Panic Buttons and Duress Alarms

The Role Of Artificial Intelligence in Future Security Systems

Building a Strong Security Culture: Tips For Engaging Employees

Protecting Your Business: Avoiding Common Security Mistakes

10 Reasons Why Upgrading Your Business Security System is Vital

6 Tips to Choose the Right Security System For Your Business

Don't Take a Summer Break from School Security: Get a Security Audit

5 Benefits of an Integrated Verified Security System

5 Ways to Secure Your Construction Site From Copper Theft

5 Ways to Prevent False Alarms at Your Business

5 Key Benefits of a Managed Access Control Security System

Customized Versus Out of the Box Security Solutions for Businesses

The Role of Employee Training in Workplace Security

Crime Prevention Strategies for SMEs: Tips and Best Practices

5 Key Components of an Effective Business Security Plan

Catalytic Converter Theft: Canadian Police Looking for New Solutions

10 Ways to Mitigate the Risk of Refund Theft in Your Business

Common Types of Business Crime and How to Prevent Them

Thieves Getting More Brazen in Catalytic Converter Thefts

Employee Theft is Costly: Here’s How to Mitigate it

What are the Most Common Types of Theft at Construction Sites?

How to Protect Your Pharmaceuticals From Internal Theft

What is Time Theft and What Can You Do About it?

Indoor Security Tips: How to Keep Your Business Secure From the Inside

Security Tips to Protect Your Retail Store From Crime & Shrinkage Losses

9 Tips to Help Keep Your Business Secure This Winter

Should You Install Wired or Wireless Security at Your Business?

Holiday Season Security Tips For Your Business

Employee Theft? 7 Ways it Could be Happening in Your Restaurant

What is the Difference Between Breaking & Entering and Trespassing?

What is Organized Retail Crime and How To Prevent it

The Leading Causes of Workplace Fires and What to do About Them

Arson is a Real Threat to Your Religious Facility: How to Prevent it

The Difference Between Break & Enter, Robbery and Theft

5 Commonly Asked Security Questions From New Business Owners

If You Own a Business in Lethbridge, You Need Better Security

Car Rentals and Dealerships: How to Store Car Keys to Prevent Theft

Western Provinces Have the Highest Crime Severity Index Across Canada

What is the Best Security System for a Small Business?

Why BIAs Should Talk With Business About Security

The Indirect Cost Of Crime on Your Business

3 Ways to Use Technology to Deter Car Dealership Thefts

How To Protect Your Business From Door-to-Door Scams

Protect Your Multi-Tenant Office Building With Managed Access Control

What is a Security Audit and What Does it Involve?

How To Protect Your Pharmacy From Internal & External Threats

How To Prepare For A Security Audit

How Municipalities Can Secure Public Buildings

False Alarm vs False Dispatch, and How to Prevent Both

Fire Safety Tips For Your Business

How to Recognize a Shoplifter and Better Secure Your Business

A Helpful Guide to Employee Theft and How to Stop it

5 Ways to Improve Your Parking Lot Security

How To Protect Your School From Crime During The Summer

Do Motion Sensor Devices & Lights Really Stop Crime?

Security Tips When Moving & Relocating Your Business

3 Ways Sonitrol Protects Banks, Credit Unions and Financial Institutions

Protect Your Saskatchewan Dealership from Catalytic Converter Theft

How to Protect Your Western Canada Warehouse From Theft

Automotive Dealership Security: What You Really Need

Edmonton Retail Crime Is Rising: Here’s How to Protect Your Business

How to Protect Your Lower Mainland BC Business From Crime

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Verified Security Solution

How To Protect Your Hospital Clinic or Medical Facility in Western Canada From Crime

How to Protect Your Retail Store From After-Hour Crime

How To Protect Your Restaurant Patio From Theft And Vandalism

5 Ways to Enhance Security Solutions for Your Vancouver Business

Security Camera Registries: Are They a Good Solution?

7 Ways To Protect Your Place of Worship From Crime

Why CCTV Cameras are Not the Best Security Choice For Restaurants

The Top 10 Myths About Commercial Security Alarms

Pharmaceutical Thefts are on the Rise in Western Canada

New Laws Haven’t Slowed Down Catalytic Converter Thefts

The Complete Security Management Tool: What Is MySonitrol?

Alberta: Catalytic Converter Theft on the Rise, Secure Your Dealership

Crime is up in British Columbia and Your Business Needs to be Prepared

How to Prevent Charity Box Theft This Holiday Season in Your Retail Store or Business

Does Security Signage Reduce Retail Theft?

How To Protect Your Jewellery Store From Theft

What’s the Difference Between Verified Security and CCTV?

Security Tech: Learn About Sonitrol’s Guaranteed Commitment to Service

Security Solutions: 3 Tips to Protect Medical Equipment and Supplies

How Vancouver Bicycle Retailers Can Protect Their Stores From Theft

How to Protect Your Retail Store From Shoplifting

Avoid Crime With These 4 Security Tips for Property Managers

What is a Security System Key Fob, and How Does it Work?

What are the Benefits of Investing in Verified Alarm Security?

3 Easy Ways To Protect Your Business From Crime

5 Reasons You Should Consider Installing Panic Buttons

Break-Ins: Why Improved Security is a Must for Vancouver Businesses

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Alberta Pharmacy From Theft

Is Your Alberta-Based Car Dealership Secure From Crime?

16 Ways to Boost Retail Commercial Security and Prevent Crime

5 Types Of Employee Theft Your Business Should Watch Out For

How to Secure Your Vancouver Construction Site From Rising Theft

How To Keep Your Multi-Tenant Office Building Secure From Crime

How to Protect Your Rural Farm in Western Canada From Thieves

4 Tips That Will Protect Your Warehouse From Criminals

TotalGuard™ - Sonitrol’s Integrated & Affordable Security Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Top 8 Tips That Will Ensure Your Physical Office is Secure

Catalytic Converters Target of Automotive Related Crime

5 Ways to Prevent Theft at Education Facilities in Western Canada

4 Security Tips For Pharmacies & Medical Centers

Retail Security: 5 Ways to Protect Your Store From Violent Shoplifters

Catalytic Converters More Valuable Than Gold: Secure Your Dealership!

Survey Reveals Rise in Vandalism and Retail Break-ins During the Pandemic

Protecting Coin Shops & Bullion Stores from Robbery

CCTV Versus Verified Alarms

School Security Systems for Canadian Education Facilities - Protecting Property from Vandalism

Excavator Theft and More - Tips to Protect Your Construction Site

How to Protect Your Alberta Dealership From Theft

False Alarms are Costly Time-Wasters

New Year’s Resolution to Increase Business Security? Don't Wait.

Looking Back at Some Criminal Captures in 2020

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Quality Fire Alarm System

Tips to Help Boost Your Retail Store Security

Securing Your Premises: Break-and-Enters for Vancouver Businesses are Increasing

Security for Licensed Producers of Marijuana / Cannabis - Free eBook

Front Line Access Control Systems

Why Hybrid Offices Need Smart Integrated Access Control

4 Ways to Ramp up Your Business Security During the Holiday Season

Why you want SonaVision verified push monitored video.

Pharmacies and Clinics Need Integrated Security Systems

The Best Cannabis Security System for Stores and Grow-Ops

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Western Canada Retail Store Secure From Crime

Warehouses and Distribution Centres Need Top Quality Security

Verified Security Solutions: How to Protect Your Rural Alberta Farm From Thieves

Protect Your Place of Worship From Hate Crime With a Verified Security Solution

How Sonitrol’s Verified Security Solution Will Protect Your Car Dealership From Crime

How to Prevent Internal Theft at Your Bar or Restaurant

How Secure is Your Business? 5 Security Practices Every Company Should Implement

How To Safely Manage Office Access When You Reopen

Do You Own a Business in Vancouver? Break & Enters Increased by 99%

5 Ways to Protect Your Businesses Office While Working Remotely

How Sonitrol Protects Construction Site Assets

New to Commercial Security? Here are Some Benefits of a Sonitrol System

Why Commercial Access Control is More Important Now Than Ever

3 Ways Sonitrol Security can help Restaurant Owners Reopen

Is Your Business Located in One of Canada’s Most Dangerous Cities?

RCMP Are Asking You to Help with Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

COVID Closures Could Put Your Business at Risk!

Don’t Let Your School Become a Target for Criminals During COVID-19

How to Secure Your Restaurant From Theft During COVID-19

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Place of Worship Secure in Western Canada

Security Tips: Protecting Your Business From Crime While It’s Closed

Court Ruling Highlights the Importance of Auto Dealership Security

How to Protect Your Liquor Store From Brazen Alcohol Theft

Why Do the Police Respond to Sonitrol Alarms Faster?

How to Protect Your Construction Site From Criminal Activity

How Can I protect my Business From the Threat of Copper Theft?

5 Reasons Your Business Shouldn’t Invest in Conventional CCTV Security Cameras

How to Properly Secure Your Company’s Closed Parking Lot

4 Times CCTV Cameras Do Not Work (And Verified Security Does)

Business Security: Stop Wasting Time, Money and Resources on False Alarms

3 Ways to Protect Your Government Building That’s Open to the Public

7 Reasons Why Your Business is Enticing to Criminals

How Good is Your Retail Store Security?

Never Heard of Verified Audio Intrusion Security? Here’s Why Your Business Needs it

Why You Must Make Security a Top Priority at Your School in 2020

Business Security: How to Use Your Managed Access Control System

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