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Do Motion Sensor Devices & Lights Really Stop Crime?

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 5, 2022 8:31:00 AM

Motion Sensor lightsIf you have a business that’s closed in the evenings, you may have considered motion sensor lights to help boost your security. The question is, do these lights really work?

The first thing you should know is that motion sensor lights do not have cameras. They detect movement using infrared technology. When someone walks past the sensor, the infrared light reflects off the object and is sent back to a receiver, which triggers the light to come on.

When used correctly, motion sensor lights can help deter break ins and other criminal activity. 

That’s because they can startle trespassers and grab the attention of anybody who may be nearby. And attention is exactly what criminals don’t want. Sometimes they can be even more effective than leaving lights on all night because it makes it harder for criminals to find entry points.

But motion detector lights should not be your only security measure.

The best security systems use multiple layers to keep your property and assets safe. Pairing motion lights with a verified surveillance system is especially effective. That way, if the lights don’t deter your criminal, which can be the case with risk seekers and professionals, the cameras will ensure the culprit is caught.

You also benefit from the fact that businesses with surveillance cameras are less likely to be targeted than those without. (Not to mention the Sonitrol name is so well known even professional criminals avoid it).

When looking into security systems, you’ll want to look for monitored surveillance

This type of security system will alert professionals at a security station when triggered. The security professionals will then review the video/audio to determine whether there is a crime in progress. If it is a real crime in progress, they will alert the authorities and provide real time updates while they’re on route. If there’s no crime in progress, you will avoid any stress, costs or repercussions associated with false alarms.

An additional security layer you should consider is controlled access

This will allow you to secure your facility as well as high value rooms, like those that store customer information, servers and inventory. You will be able to see who is going where and when and can even manage when people have access and what they have access to. If a keycard is lost or an employee leaves the company, you can quickly disable the card to prevent misuse.

For more information about fully integrated commercial security or to discuss which systems will best protect your business, contact us today for a free security audit.

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