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How to Protect Your Lower Mainland BC Business From Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 25, 2022 1:33:14 PM

Last month, security cameras caught a store owner being bear-sprayed by a stranger who had been harassing his staff and customers. This is not the first time this Burnaby business has experienced crime, and the suspect for this most recent crime has yet to be arrested. 

And it isn't just this business. According to Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, reports of crime are coming in more frequently and they believe the lack of foot traffic and activity, caused by COVID-19, has a substantial role in this change. 

That’s why an effective security solution is more important than ever before when it comes to protecting your business from crime.

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Because many of these reports are for smash and grabs, Crime Stoppers recommends that businesses in high-risk areas install shutters on windows and ensure glass is shatterproof. 

They also suggest other tips to deter crime at retail stores, such as:

  • Not having expensive merchandise easily accessible. 
  • Making sure merchandise isn’t visible after hours. 
  • Illuminating your premise to ensure there aren’t places for criminals to hide while breaking in. 
  • Reporting all incidents to police, however minor, so that they have truer data to identify high-risk areas and major offenders. 

When asked about alarm systems, Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers explained that many businesses have alarm systems but aren’t checking them regularly to make sure they are working or turning them on when they leave. 

Better yet, we recommend that businesses consider installing verified security systems. 

At Sonitrol, our verified security systems are monitored by security professionals. Anytime an alarm goes off, they assess the activity to determine whether it was a false alarm or if authorities need to be called. If there is a crime in progress, they alert the police and provide real-time updates to increase the rate of apprehension. 

Faster response times from verified alarms also result in less damage and losses. As the store owner, you can also benefit from further piece of mind by having access to the cameras to see what is going on at your site 24/7. 

Better yet, you can integrate verified security solutions with managed access control and panic buttons. 

Managed access control will help keep high-value inventory and assets safe from crime and panic buttons will give your customers and staff further protection if, like the incident in Burnaby last month, a crime happens during opening hours. All your team will have to do is press a discreetly placed button and our security monitoring team will alert local authorities. 

For more information on how Sonitrol can protect your Lower Mainland BC business from ongoing crime, contact us today for a free security alert

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