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4 Tips That Will Protect Your Warehouse From Criminals

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 5, 2021 1:37:17 PM

Last September $150,00 in cell phones were stolen from an Alberta warehouse. And just this year, an Amazon warehouse in BC had hundreds of thousands of products stolen from their property. Even more recently, $70,00 worth of appliances were recovered from a warehouse theft in Abbotsford, Alberta. 

While these cases were solved, not all warehouse owners are as lucky. Sometimes products disappear unbeknownst to the company, while other times thieves get away with thousands of dollars in product and are never found. 

And if you think it’s only external threats or after-hours thefts you have to worry about, you’d be wrong. The Amazon products that went missing were stolen by an employee. 

So to help ensure your warehouse is safe and secure, we hope that these four tips will help you protect your assets:

1 - Access control 

The first step to ensuring your warehouse is safe is to control who has access to the facility,  as well as the different areas of the building. This will help ensure that the only people in the building with access to inventory and equipment are those that you allow in. 

Access control even lets you choose when each employee can enter the property, making it the perfect security solution for shift work. This not only prevents thefts from outsiders or off duty staff, it keeps your team protected. You will have better oversight of the activity happening on site, and who was accessing certain areas and when.

2 - Verified Security Cameras

Warehouse security depends heavily on the audio/visual security systems you have in place. While you could use traditional CCTV cameras, they’re only good after the fact. And unless you are reviewing footage regularly, most of the time thefts will go unnoticed. After all, it’s hard to keep track of hundreds of thousands of items. 

And while 24/7 security guards may seem like a better solution, they can be expensive and unreliable. 

That’s why you need a verified security solution. This type of security is monitored 24/7 by trained professionals. Not only will that prevent thefts, but it will also lower your false alarm rate and increase apprehension when a theft does occur. That’s because our team verifies the alarm before sending out the alert to authorities. As a result, authorities respond faster and have a better chance of catching the culprit before they run off with your product. 

At Sonitrol, you can feel confident that your entire warehouse is covered with sensors that cover 5,000 sq ft, floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall. 

3 - Training

Security isn’t just about the technology you have in place. You staff are also responsible for warehouse safety and security. And that means proper training. 

Be sure to train your staff on the proper processes for receiving, processing and storing materials and product. This will help your team keep proper records, allowing management to have accurate records that allow them to better spot discrepancies. 

When your staff is equipped with the tools and information to do their job right, they will be more likely to report any issues such as missing product or documentation. 

You also want to have plans for emergency situations, including potential break ins. That way you can make sure your staff knows what to do to keep themselves safe while they wait for authorities.

4 - Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is becoming a bigger problem every day. So thinking about how you protect your information is just as important as protecting your physical assets. 

It’s important that your staff have their own logins and don’t share their information with anybody. This will make your staff more accountable for the products and materials they move. 

You also want to make sure that your systems are protected from outside threats. This will keep your staff, clients and facility safe. 

There’s a lot of product moving around your warehouse every day, and that can make it hard to keep track of everything that’s going on. Not to mention the size and layout of warehouses. It’s no surprise that sometimes inventory goes missing. 

The good news is you can reduce your losses with an effective security plan put in place. That way you can protect your staff and your assets. 

For more information on Sonitrol Western Canada’s security solutions, or to book your very own verified security consultation, contact our team today.  


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