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The Complete Security Management Tool: What Is MySonitrol?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 19, 2021 1:32:46 PM

Installing a state-of-the-art verified security surveillance system is an important part of feeling confident that your customers, employees, and business are all protected from the threat of crime. 

But it’s also important for you to be able to access this system for your own peace of mind and to keep an eye on the day-to-day operations of your business, even when you can’t be physically on-site. 

At Sonitrol Western Canada we understand that this is important to business owners, which is why Sonitrol has created MySonitrol.

MySonitrol is a web-based security management control that keeps you connected to your security system and important information when you need it. It is secure, easy to manage and lets you: 

  1. Run and schedule reports 
  2. View live or archived videos (up to eight cameras at one time)
  3. View videos associated with specific events
  4. Organize security and facility through customized groups 
  5. Manage access permissions and levels for all of your employees 
  6. Review burglary or fire alarm dispatches
  7. Find contact information for Central Station 
  8. Schedule door lock/unlock times 
  9. Review time and attendance reports 
  10. Schedule user access times 
  11. Check whether the system is armed or disarmed 

Having access to this information means you can feel confident that your assets are secure, and it allows you to make better security decisions even when you aren’t physically at your business. 

MySonitrol is also the supporting software for the Sonitrol Mobile App, which gives you the functionality of MySonitrol directly on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. 

This functionality also includes arming the system directly from your phone, disarming the system if access is needed after hours, as well as the ability to view maps that show which areas of your facility are armed and disarmed. 

And MySonitrol doesn’t just stop at security. It allows you to see what is happening at your business at any time. This means that you can view the video to ensure deliveries were brought into the shop, verify new sales displays have been set up or ensure vendors and staff are handling your product with care. 

You can even use the system to verify the accuracy of time cards to make sure that your staff members are on-site when they are scheduled to be there. 

For more information on the MySonitrol app or to install Sonitrol’s innovative verified security solutions so that you can better protect your business from crime, contact us today.

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