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British Columbia Introduces Funds for Vandal-Hit Businesses

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 7, 2023 12:35:52 PM

vandalismIn an effort to fortify its local economy and support the resilience of small businesses, the province of British Columbia has unveiled a new initiative: The Securing Small Business Rebate Program

With an allocation of $10.5 million, this program aims to assist businesses in dealing with the aftermath of crime and vandalism while encouraging preventive measures.

Announced by Brenda Bailey, Minister of Jobs, Economic Development, and Innovation, this initiative recognizes the invaluable contribution of small businesses to the province's economic landscape. Bailey stated: "Small businesses are the backbone of our province, and it’s vital we work together to keep our economy strong."

What is The Securing Small Business Rebate Program

Commencing in fall 2023, the program will provide financial aid to businesses for expenses incurred due to property damage caused by vandalism. The funding, retroactive to January 1, 2023, will cover up to $2,000 for repairs resulting from vandalism. Broken glass repair and graffiti cleaning costs are included under the vandalism repairs criteria.

Carol Lee, owner of Chinatown BBQ, emphasized the significance of this support, saying, "Providing new funding to help cover the costs of vandalism will go a long way for businesses like mine so we can keep serving our communities."

The good news is that the program isn’t just reactive. The Securing Small Business Rebate Program will assist with a small portion of expenses for businesses looking to implement preventative measures. This comes in the form of up to $1,000 for vandalism prevention including expenses such as gates and security cameras. 

The application process for this rebate program is set to begin in the fall, with information disseminated through local chambers of commerce, boards of trade, and business improvement areas. This approach ensures that business owners can swiftly access the funding they need to recover from acts of vandalism.

This program aligns with the Safer Communities Action Plan, reinforcing the government's commitment to building secure and healthy communities. It not only addresses the immediate financial burden on businesses but also promotes an environment where entrepreneurs can thrive without constant fear of vandalism-related losses.

This initiative represents a small but crucial step toward a more secure and prosperous future for businesses in British Columbia, emphasizing the government's unwavering commitment to the well-being of its entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Prevent Vandalism at Your Business With Verified Security 

Businesses need to be proactive to help minimize crime and truly safeguard their establishments and investments. 

Implementing comprehensive security strategies, such as installing advanced surveillance systems, adequate lighting, and alarm systems, can act as powerful deterrents. Moreover, fostering a strong sense of community among local businesses and residents can encourage collective vigilance and cooperation, creating a supportive network that actively discourages criminal activities. 

Training employees to be aware of potential security threats and promoting a culture of reporting suspicious activities can significantly contribute to crime prevention efforts. Additionally, collaborating with local law enforcement agencies and participating in neighborhood watch programs can further enhance security measures. 

By embracing proactive measures and fostering collaborative relationships, businesses can create safer environments, ensuring not only the protection of their assets but also the well-being of their employees and customers. 

One of the most effective ways to protect your business is through the implementation of a verified alarm solution. Verified alarms have the highest apprehension rates and the lowest false alarm rates in the industry, meaning they are the best way to protect your business from damaging crimes.  

Ultimately, this proactive stance serves as a foundation for building resilient, thriving communities where businesses can flourish without the constant threat of vandalism and crime.

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