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How to Prevent Charity Box Theft This Holiday Season in Your Retail Store or Business

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 2, 2021 2:45:00 PM

It’s not uncommon to find charity boxes and collections at businesses throughout the year but as we move into the holiday season, they will be more and more common. This may include food and toy drives, collection kettles, countertop boxes and more. 

Generally, we trust the goodness of others to keep these charity boxes safe – after all who would steal from charity? But as a recent case in Kelowna, BC shows, not even charitable contributions are safe from criminals. 

So how can retail business owners like you keep donation boxes secure during the holiday season? 

  1. If possible don’t leave donations out in the open. Keep them in your till or a locked safe or room. 
  2. If you’re collecting counter donations, avoid using open containers. Instead, opt for enclosed acrylic donation boxes with locks on them. You may also want to chain them to the counter. 
  3. When possible, have someone manning donation kettles and boxes. Having someone watching the donations at all times can help make stealing less attractive. 
  4. If you are collecting larger donations like food or toys and want to have it on display to engage other customers and show goodwill, make sure they are in an enclosure of some type. This may include a large cage, fenced in area or a large box that is hard to reach into. Also, consider only leaving some of the donations out for people to see and have the remainder in a secure room. 

How additional security technology, and verified solutions, can help

If you don’t already, you will also want to consider installing a retail security system or updating your current technology. This will not only protect donations but also staff, customers and other business assets as well. 

If you are storing donations in a closet or office, you should install managed access controls to limit who is able to go into the space. These controls, which are keyless and record who goes in and out of a room, can be used to protect document storage, server rooms, high valued inventory and other areas of your building that should have limited access. 

In addition to monitored access, you may want to install a verified audio and visual surveillance solution

Verified security is monitored 24/7 by a central monitoring station operated by security professionals. At Sonitrol, you will have dedicated security operators that you can speak to directly. They will become familiar with both your building and your business so that they can provide the best service possible. 

If theft or other emergency happens, they will contact local authorities who respond to our verified alarms faster than traditional alarm systems. This not only reduces losses by your company, but increases the chances of apprehending the criminal as audio and video are monitored and relayed back to the authorities in real time. 

A verified alarm system will help ensure that the holidays go as planned and everything is kept safe, including your donations, your staff and your customers. 

For more information on how Sonitrol can protect your business during the holidays and year-round, please contact us today for a free security plan

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