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TotalGuard™ - Sonitrol’s Integrated & Affordable Security Solutions for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 28, 2021 11:41:27 AM

One of the key factors in selecting a commercial security system and partner company is how integrated the solution is across a business's many security needs. Another factor is affordability.

That’s where Sonitrol’s TotalGuard™ comes to the forefront. 

Sonitrol’s TotalGuard™ solution was designed specifically for the small to medium business market and offers affordable and professional security. Previously, many small business owners pieced together their own security system from off-the-shelf technology because it was cheap and ready to go. But those systems aren’t integrated, or verified, or monitored by professionals. The result was security protection in name only. TotalGuard™ is an all-in-one, edge-based device that acts as a standalone IoT panel. Each TotalGuard™ device includes Sonitrol impact activated audio detection, glass break analytics, video verification and surveillance, motion and wireless connectivity, all professionally monitored by a Sonitrol Central Station.

In addition to its many powerful features, the solution was needed for the ability to easily connect with other alarm points as each business has different security needs. Here’s a CCTV video clip of an actual TotalGuard™ apprehension!



Recently Sonitrol expanded TotalGuard™ Smart Hub to integrate with additional wireless devices that together offer a more robust security solution to the small and medium business markets. This new offering includes a variety of wireless sensors that connect to the new TotalGuard™ Smart Hub, expanding reach and alarm capabilities.

The TotalGuard™ Smart Hub & Wireless Devices are simple, scalable and secure. They consist of a motion sensor, door/window sensor, water sensor, temperature sensor, universal transmitter, and a panic button. These devices are easy to deploy and have a streamlined infrastructure, which reduces wire pulls and terminations and can easily be set up with a Mobile App by the installer. 

With the TotalGuard™ Smart Hub, you can enrol up to 32 wireless devices. These Zigbee devices operate over AES 128-bit encryption, are supervised and tamper protected. TotalGuard™ can also be paired with exterior thermal imagers for added outside protection, as well as exterior cameras and Sonitrol Cloud Access Control. 

TotalGuard™ provides:

  • Edge-based technology for lightweight verified security
  • Affordable, added building protection
  • 24/7 Central Station Monitoring when armed
  • Multi-purpose devices
  • Convenient arm/disarm with SONITROL Mobile App

Sonitrol is the leader in verified electronic security, offering Impact Activated Audio Detection, Video Verification, Managed and Cloud Access Control, Video Surveillance, and Fire. Sonitrol’s ability to verify intrusion, through patented technologies in real-time, offers unrivalled credibility with law enforcement. Sonitrol provides for some of the fastest police response times, lowest false alarm rates and the best apprehension record—over 181,000 across the security industry.

Contact us today to find out how to get a Sonitrol security system for your company.

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