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The Best Cannabis Security System for Stores and Grow-Ops

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 22, 2020 9:31:00 AM

Cannabis Security System

It’s been a few years now since the legalization of cannabis following the enactment of the Cannabis Act or Bill C-45. British Columbia now produces about 40% of all Canadian cannabis, worth an estimated 6 billion, one of the largest cash crops in the province.

Along with the technology needed to grow those quantities at a commercial quality level, cannabis business owners are in need of robust reliable security systems to protect their valuable crop and equipment. And it’s not just grow-ops that need security, retail cannabis stores, testing labs, and processing facilities are also the target of crime, break-ins and internal theft.

It’s a lucrative product and it’s a target for thieves and organized crime.

Sonitrol provides integrated and comprehensive security solutions for many businesses throughout western Canada. But what makes Sonitrol unique and highly respected by cannabis industry experts?

#1 Coverage and Customization

Sonitrol security systems give grow-ops and retail stores the coverage they need. Using a combination of audio alarms and monitored video surveillance, we customize a solution to sweep your entire facility - from indoor and outdoor grow beds to retail stockrooms. You don’t have to figure out the blind spots - our security experts will find them and make sure you are protected.

#2 Expert Advice

With decades of experience designing security for retail, manufacturing and agricultural businesses, your Sonitrol advisor will answer all your questions and help you decide on the right systems to install. Many cannabis businesses are start-ups and owners are new to security. While you might be focused on criminal activity such as theft, we have fully integrated systems for access control and even fire detection and alarms. Your Sonitrol security expert will help you see the big security picture. 

#3 Technology

State of the art security equipment, cameras, alarms, and applications such as SonaVision™ video solutions - means your cannabis business is protected by the latest technology. Key features such as remote access to cameras helps you stay informed about what’s going on at your facility. Sonitrol is a brand trusted by thousands of businesses across North America.

#4 Monitored Systems - 24x7

Cannabis business owners appreciate the fact that their premises are monitored around the clock by a central control room. You don’t need to hire a security guard to have a person overseeing a building’s security. Our security experts at the Sonitrol monitoring station are ready to respond to any breach in security and ensure the alarm is verified before calling the authorities.

#5 Affordability

While the cannabis industry may be very lucrative overall, many cannabis businesses are just starting out and cost control is important. Buying inexpensive off the shelf cameras may sound like cost savings, but if your crop or stock is stolen, or your equipment is vandalized it will be highly costly and could result in the closure of your business. Sonitrol doesn’t require exorbitant capital outlay and can easily be budgeted on a monthly basis. Talk to your Sonitrol expert about pricing options to fit your requirements.

The best way to get started with Sonitrol is to reach out for a no-obligation consultation. We’ll help evaluate your security needs and give you a solid plan for how to best protect your cannabis business.

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