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6 Security Mistakes Businesses Should Avoid at All Costs

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 2, 2023 8:29:15 AM

6 SecuritySecurity serves as the cornerstone upon which every thriving enterprise stands, safeguarding its valuable assets and reputation from potential threats. Regrettably, numerous businesses succumb to certain security pitfalls that can severely disrupt their operational stability.

In this blog, we look at six prevalent security errors that corporations must diligently avoid to protect their employees, interests, and assets.

1. Ignoring Proper Access Control

One of the gravest security mistakes that businesses make is failing to implement a robust access control system.  Allowing unrestricted access to sensitive areas of your premises can be likened to leaving the front door open for trouble. 

By adopting access control measures, such as ID badges, key cards, or biometric systems, businesses can restrict entry to authorized personnel only, significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access and internal theft.

2. Inadequate Surveillance Measures

Do you know what's happening in and around your business when you're not there? Without a comprehensive surveillance system in place, the answer is likely a resounding 'no.' 

Neglecting surveillance leaves your business vulnerable to external threats, including burglaries and vandalism. By installing a network of well-placed cameras and maintaining their functionality, businesses can keep a watchful eye on their premises, deterring potential wrongdoers.

3. Overlooking Physical Barriers

Your business's exterior is the first line of defence against intruders, and neglecting physical barriers is a huge mistake. A strong and well-maintained perimeter fence, coupled with adequate lighting, can make your property less inviting to trespassers. Remember, robust physical barriers act as deterrents, forcing potential troublemakers to reconsider their mischievous plans.

4. Using Traditional CCTV Systems

Opting for traditional CCTV cameras instead of verified security is another critical mistake that businesses should avoid. 

While CCTV cameras have been a staple in security setups for years, they come with inherent limitations. Traditional cameras can capture footage, but they often lack the ability to offer real-time monitoring and proactive threat detection. 

Verified security systems, on the other hand, employ advanced technologies like motion sensors and live monitoring by security professionals. This integration ensures immediate responses to potential threats, as experts can assess situations accurately and dispatch appropriate responses when needed. 

5. Neglecting Employee Training

Security awareness should be ingrained in the culture of every business, and that starts with properly trained employees. Many businesses make the mistake of assuming that employees already know how to handle security matters. But that is rarely the case. 

By providing comprehensive training on security protocols, emergency responses, and incident reporting, businesses empower their employees to become active participants in safeguarding the organization.

6. Poor Key Management

Keys are the gateway to your business's most sensitive areas, and mishandling them can have severe consequences. Businesses often make the mistake of leaving keys lying around or failing to keep track of their distribution. Implementing a robust key management system ensures that keys are accounted for, properly labelled, and issued only to authorized personnel. Better yet, implement managed access control

Managed access control provides many advantages for businesses. By eliminating physical keys and adopting electronic credentials, security is enhanced with advanced encryption and authentication methods. 

In addition, businesses can quickly adjust access permissions and seamlessly integrate with other security systems to ensure a comprehensive and cohesive security infrastructure. Detailed audit trails, centralized control, and scalability further bolster the system's efficiency, making managed access control a superior choice that not only safeguards sensitive areas but also streamlines operations and increases overall security. 

Sonitrol Western Canada Will Help You Avoid These Common Security Mistakes

Security is an aspect of business that cannot be neglected or taken lightly. By avoiding these six critical security mistakes, businesses can create a strong defence against potential threats. Safeguarding your assets and reputation is not just an option; it is a necessity for the continued success and prosperity of your business.

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