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Protect Your Multi-Tenant Office Building With Managed Access Control

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 25, 2022 7:56:06 AM

Managed Access ControlAs a property manager, you need to be especially vigilant when it comes to multi-tenant buildings. This is because people are often free to enter and roam the building without concern.

There are many ways that you can protect your multi-tenant building, but one of the best security solutions, especially during opening hours when suspicious people and activity can be harder to spot, is managed access control. 

What is managed access control?

Managed access control allows you to regulate who has access to your property, so that you can ensure your tenants are safeguarded from potential theft and other criminal acts. Also known as keyless entry, managed access control is cost-effective, easy-to-implement and easy-to-manage security solution.

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Using key fobs, ID badges, custom cards and more, Sonitrol Western Canada’s unique managed access control technology allows you to restrict who goes where and when. This includes programmed access to only work during specific hours or on certain shifts. 

If a badge or fob goes missing, it can be easily deactivated. You can also track where the badge has been if there’s concern that someone has misused it. This reduces costs associated with rekeying and changing locks.

When a new tenant moves in or tenant’s hire staff, a new access device can be easily activated. You can also give different access to business owners, managers and staff to allow company executives (or employees with permission) to enter outside of regular hours, while restricting entry to employees who should not be on the property after hours. 

Similarly, the system can allow temporary access to vendors and visitors so that your tenants can carry on regular business without fear of opening themselves up to security risks. 

Design a robust security environment for your multi-tenant building with verified security

Best of all, managed access control can easily integrate with Sonitrol Western Canada’s other security solutions to provide your building with full security coverage. This includes panic buttons for high-risk tenants, such as banks or jewelry stores, fire detection and, of course, our verified alarm systems.

Verified security is monitored remotely by trained security professionals in real time. These professionals work in highly sophisticated environments, where they use state-of-the-art and innovative security technology to detect criminal activity.

Once activated by audio detection, heat or motion sensors, a live stream will be broadcast directly to this monitoring facility. Professionals will then verify the alarm or not. If it’s a false alarm, the system will be reset to avoid any false dispatches. If there is a crime in progress, the authorities will be alerted. 

Unlike conventional alarms where criminals know they have 20 minutes from the start of the alarm until the local police turn up, police respond rapidly to verified alarms. 

In fact, police respond in just 3-4 minutes due to the low false dispatch rate associated with verified alarms. This means if the worst was to happen, and someone was to break into your property they would be caught without problem. 

It’s why many criminals avoid businesses which have Sonitrol security solutions. They know our reputation and know that more than 175,000 criminals have been caught with our system.

If you would like more information on how you can protect your property with managed access control and verified security, contact us today.

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