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Still Locking Up With an Old-Fashioned Key? Learn About Managed Access Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 11, 2018 11:00:00 AM

Security, and keeping possessions under lock and key, goes back thousands of years. A lock found in ancient ruins near Nineveh, is thought to be 4,000 years old. The Romans kept valuables in chests locked by a key worn as a ring. And about 500 years after the Roman empire collapsed, locksmiths in England were making all-metal lock and key systems. Double-acting pin tumbler locks used today, were patented in 1848, so have been used commonly since, for over 160 years.

Ready to modernize your security and move it past the 19th century?

While keys have been the traditional method for locking and securing locations, today we have several other options; pass codes, magnetic swipe cards, fingerprint recognition, and more. The move away from the traditional, outdated metal lock and key systems, includes keyless access control.

Does your business use keys to secure your location? Because if you do, you are exposing yourself to additional risk and potential security breaches.

There are many reasons why keys are starting to become less and less used in business, from internal theft where day staff for example are accessing the building at night, to someone reporting a “missing key” and getting a replacement, to the potential of keys being duplicated and used by ex-employees or sold to criminals.

Keys can be lost, stolen, or copied, and locks can be picked, bumped, or compromised. With a keyless entry system, you can reduce the risk of these things from happening and keep your business secure from intruders. To summarise, by using traditional metal keys you are putting your business at risk. The question is: are you ready to utilize technology to solve the problem, and implement a Managed Access Control system?

Your business is your livelihood and securing it should be a top priority. You want to keep it safe, and have peace of mind when it comes to security of your assets. Managed Access Control, or keyless entry, is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways for you to increase security.

There is a huge range of advantages to implementing a keyless entry system including convenience and monitoring. Benefits include: eliminate additional risks, have confidence that your building is secure, know exactly who is going in and out of your business and at what times, track who enters which areas and when.

With a keyless entry system, in the event of a lost card, you can remotely deactivate any employee’s keycard easily. This eliminates the need for your employees to remember codes or passwords.

You can control access and program permissions so that only authorized personnel are given access to certain areas, and you can change or revoke these permissions at any time.

Among the wealth of advantages for keyless entry systems, is the fact you can grant temporary access to visitors, vendors or for meetings without worrying about giving your visitors too much access.

Sonitrol's Access Control Security is not only integrated with all our other Security Technologies, but our Central Monitoring Station manages the integrated access control. Access doors can be programmed to be open on certain shifts.  

If our intrusion system is armed the doors will not unlock.  This means if employees do not show up for work the doors will not unlock until the security system is disarmed.  If employees leave early and arm the security system the doors will lock. You always have peace of mind that your business is locked up and secured.

Sonitrol makes it easy for you to meet all of your unique security and safety needs with a Managed Access Control system - from early detection, to verification, to comprehensive coverage. We also back every system with a commitment that includes a service and satisfaction guaranteed.

Our security advisors will help you take your security out of the past, and recommend the best modern technology for your establishment, whether its retail, construction, warehousing, or an office building.

Sonitrol provides business clients with unique verified security technologies and a guaranteed commitment to service. Conventional alarm companies simply cannot match what we offer to commercial businesses!

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