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4 Simple Steps to Protect Your Pharmacy From Internal Theft

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 15, 2019 11:00:00 AM

Pharmacy security

Due to the availability of over-the-counter prescription drugs - such as codeine, oxycodone, hydromorphone and morphine - pharmacies are at incredibly high risk of falling victim to theft.

In fact, pharmacies are at particular risk of employee theft. For example, as reported by CBC News, a pharmacist in Okotoks, Alberta, was convicted earlier this year for stealing more than 33,000 narcotics pills from Safeway pharmacy. She has now been stripped of her practice permit by professional licensing.

Meanwhile, earlier this year an article from CMAJ News found Canadian hospitals are not doing enough to prevent opioid theft. The article said pilferage of opioids by employees is a “serious issue” at Canadian hospitals, but many aren’t investing enough resources into preventing the problem.

The article went on to say that data obtained from Health Canada by CMAJ showed that over the last four years, hospital pharmacies reported more than 3,000 incidents involving lost or stolen controlled substances, mostly opioids. However, 84 per cent were classified as “unexplained” with only 6 per cent classified as theft by an employee.

It’s clear that pharmacies need to do more to protect their assets and prevent employee theft, and that means improving how they secure their business. Sonitrol Western Canada has listed five key tips that will ensure your pharmacy is protected from internal theft.

1 - Identify security weaknesses

Whether your pharmacy business has previously fallen victim to theft or you’re simply planning for the future, if you’re reading this blog then it’s incredibly likely that your pharmacy’s security isn’t foolproof.

Pharmacies have a variety of security weaknesses, which could be anything from how you manage your employees, the delivery drivers that handle assets to external threats such as burglars.

When it comes to improving your security, the first step is to get a professional security expert to identify your weak spots and build a unique security plan for your company’s specific needs.

2 - Train staff to be alert

Employees shouldn’t put their life at risk to protect your business, but they should be trained in spotting security concerns around your pharmacy. Staff members should know which peculiar behaviours to look out for, both in terms of other employees and potential burglars.

For example, a customer who wanders around your pharmacy for an extended period or stands at the prescription counter longer than normal may be trying to work out which type of drugs your pharmacy has on hand.

Similarly, employees who show peculiar behaviour when around prescription drugs could also be pilfering from your pharmacy. However, it’s incredibly important not to foster a mistrusting company culture as this will negatively affect your business.

3 - Implement managed access control

Your pharmacy is highly susceptible to theft because of the high quantity of valuable assets that you have in stock at any one time. So, how can you implement an extra layer of security to protect those assets? Implementing managed access control.

Managed access control, otherwise known as keyless entry, puts another layer of security between your assets and criminals. By limiting access to rooms that hold vulnerable prescription drugs to specific employees, you’ll know exactly who was in a room when the stock went missing.

4 - Install a verified security solution

A verified security solution is by far the best way your pharmacy can protect its assets, employees and customers from the effects of crime.

Unlike conventional CCTV systems that just record break-ins and theft while they are in action, verified video security immediately verifies an intrusion and alerts police through a central monitoring station so that they are able to dispatch officers quickly to catch criminals in the act - before they can damage or steal from your business.

SonaVision from Sonitrol Western Canada monitors the perimeter and interior of your pharmacy and is activated by highly sensitive motion and heat controls. That’s why we have the highest criminal apprehension rate in the industry, with more than 175,000 apprehensions to date.

Do you want to learn more about how our unique verified security technology can secure your pharmacy from the threat of internal and external theft? Contact us today and find out how we can build a security plan specifically for the unique needs of your business.

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