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Tips to Help Boost Your Retail Store Security

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 3, 2020 11:49:00 AM

Tips for Retail SecurityRetailers are well aware of how costly and time consuming it is to manage loss prevention including: loss of inventory because of employee theft, customer theft, organized crime, counting errors, and damaged goods. The average retail chain owner spends 2% of sales dollars on loss prevention.

Sonitrol Western Canada, can help solve these retail security problems with a security solution custom designed for retailers focused on reducing theft, break and enter, and armed robbery.

Sonitrol not only helps retailers put in place a loss prevention security system, but also when our verified alarms go off, we get an immediate police response and therefore, we have the highest apprehension rate in the industry, and that equates to your product staying in your store until it is purchased.

With COVID-19 there are a lot of new procedures to control and limit the number of people going through your store. New traffic flow patterns have been set up and brand new processes such as curb-side pick up. This disruption may require you to review your security system. Are you monitoring the right locations within the store? Do you need additional CCTV video monitoring at other product distribution checkpoints? How about staff safety. Perhaps you need to consider additional surveillance?

Our trusted Security Specialists give advice on what security systems are needed to protect your store. Whether you're a Mom and Pop shop, a luxury products retailer or a national retail chain, we'll audit your location and its vulnerabilities and we'll recommend the right security system for that location.

With holiday shopping in full swing, here are 10 tips to improve retail security that you should review now, so that you can make whatever changes are necessary to protect your employees and business profitability.

  1. Train your staff in your security procedures and provide them with the tools and knowledge they need to handle fluctuations in foot-traffic especially during the holiday season.

  2. For peak shopping days consider hiring additional staff to assist with sales and cover extended hours.

  3. Screen all new staff using criminal checks, reference checks and a thorough interview process.

  4. Encourage employees to move around the store to help customers and act as a deterring presence for thieves.

  5. Minimize the amount of cash kept in tills and within the store.

  6. Increase the number of cash pickups for deposit runs.

  7. Teach your employees how to identify counterfeit money.

  8. Station an employee at the exit to check bags and receipts and monitor traffic.

  9. Place security tags on your product, especially high-value items and products that can be easily snuck out.

  10. Invest in a retail security solution that includes verified monitored video or audio alarms.

A verified security solution will deter thieves, help identify criminals and alert authorities, assist in the apprehension of criminals if a crime does occur and let your employees know that they do not need to be a hero if a crime occurs.

An integrated verified CCTV security system from Sonitrol Western Canada will track your key processes from cash transactions, closing tills and receiving or shipping products, new curb-side pickup locations and more. 

If there is an outside threat, our expert team of security specialists monitor and inform the authorities in real-time. Our innovative SonaVision security systems can be integrated with your point-of-sale registers and automatically identify unusual transactions, incorrect transactions, fraudulent transactions, as well as identify employee fraud with video evidence.

Whether you’re an independent retailer or a regional or national chain, Sonitrol Western Canada is uniquely positioned to meet your needs.

We are one of the largest commercial security companies in North America - and we offer strong local support, knowledge and the resources to get the job done right.

Our retail security solution doesn't just monitor employee activity or record break-ins and theft, we will also immediately alert the police that there are intruders - significantly increasing the rate of apprehension when compared to traditional CCTV technology.

To learn more about implementing a Sonitrol verified security system for retail - get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to discuss your business requirements and recommend an affordable solution.


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