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What are the Benefits of Investing in Verified Alarm Security?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 16, 2021 6:59:29 AM

Are you tired of using conventional CCTV alarm systems that don’t protect your organization’s facility from vandalism, theft and other criminal activities? If so, it’s time that your business invests in a verified security solution.

Not only does your business have a duty to protect its employees from harmful activity, you also need to properly secure your facility, assets and products if you are to retain a healthy bottom line and drive profitable growth. 

So, with that in mind, this blog takes a look at what a verified security alarm solution is and why it’s so much more effective for the security of your organization than a traditional CCTV alarm system.

What is a verified alarm?

A verified alarm solution does exactly what it says on the tin, it captures criminal activity and verifies it as a real threat.

Sonitrol is the leading expert in verified security. We have designed an innovative alarm system that uses state-of-the-art technology to detect criminal activity on your organization’s facility.

Verified alarms don’t just record that activity as a conventional CCTV alarm would. Instead, once a threat is detected, a security expert located in a 24/7 central monitoring station is alerted who then verifies that the threat is real. 

Once verified, police are notified immediately. Responding offers are provided with real-time information on where exactly the criminal is in your facility and what they are currently doing. This helps police forces locate the criminal and catch them red-handed. 

What are the benefits of using verified alarms over conventional CCTV?

#1 - Significantly reduce false alarms

With conventional CCTV, alarms are not verified. Something as simply as an employee entering your building or an animal making their way into your facility could set the alarm off and both yourself and the local police department will have no idea if a crime is occurring or not.

In fact, the average false alarm rate for conventional CCTV systems is 98 percent. It’s for that reason police forces take on average 45 minutes to respond to traditional CCTV alarms. 

That figure is reduced to a dispatch time of just 3-4 minutes for verified alarms. 

#2 - Police will catch criminals in the act

Since police departments know that Sonitrol verified alarms are a real threat, they arrive at the scene faster. Not only that, but Sonitrol provides them with real-time updates so they know exactly what the criminal is up to and where they are on your premises.

The result? Police routinely catch criminals red-handed with verified alarms. It’s for that reason why Sonitrol has helped police apprehend more than 1750,000 criminals since 1997 - the highest documented apprehension rate of any security system. 

#3 - You can deter criminals before they even commit a crime

Due to all of the above, criminals are actively deterred from your premises when they see the Sonitrol logo. When they see the logo of our verified security alarm system they stay away because they know someone is just waiting to verify criminal activity and report it to the police. 

That’s completely the opposite for CCTV, where they know they have a substantial amount of time to commit a crime and get away before the police turn up. All they need to do is wear a disguise and they’ll never be caught.

Interested in installing a verified security solution for your organization? Get in touch with Sonitrol Western Canada today. Our team of security experts are ready to help you build a customized solution for the unique needs of your facility.

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