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Security Solutions: 3 Tips to Protect Medical Equipment and Supplies

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 29, 2021 2:04:46 PM

Medical Supplies SecurityMedical supply theft is a reality whether thieves are looking to pocket masks, gloves and sanitizer or are stealing medical equipment. That’s why a proper security solution is crucial to protecting your medical equipment and supplies.

In fact, during COVID, hospitals across the country were forced to lock up personal protective equipment and sanitation products to prevent theft and ensure their staff had the supplies when they needed them. Even large city hospitals have seen thieves force their way onto the property and take equipment valued at $1.2 million. 

And medical supply theft doesn’t just affect the hospital’s bottom line. It affects staff safety and patient health. Thieves have also targeted medical clinics, family doctors and specialist offices.

Luckily, there are ways that medical businesses and hospitals can protect their organizations from medical supply theft.

Managed access control 

The first thing you need to do to protect medical equipment and supply stocks is install managed access control. This will help you restrict access to staff who have authorization to the equipment and supplies and allows you to see who accessed those areas and when. 

Managed access control can be added to cabinets, closets, examination rooms, testing rooms and labs. And access permissions can be added and removed quickly and efficiently without needing to replace keys or rekey locks. 

Security systems 

While there are some areas of your organization that cannot be surveilled due to privacy, when you can, you want to ensure valuable medical equipment and supplies are being monitored by a surveillance system. This can include monitoring storage areas from multiple angles as well as equipment when not in use. 

It is also important to ensure that proper policies and procedures are in place for areas that cannot be monitored by audio or video to ensure proper inventory and asset tracking is in place. 

Verified security

While many organizations will opt for CCTV security systems that can be reviewed after the fact, you should instead be using verified security systems

These systems are monitored by security professionals 24/7. If a crime does occur, they will alert authorities and stay on the call to walk them through what they are seeing. This increases apprehension, reduces thefts and protects your staff and patients. 

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