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What is a Security System Key Fob, and How Does it Work?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Aug 23, 2021 1:19:39 PM

What is a Security Key Fob

The foundation of any security strategy is keeping high-value possessions under lock and key. In fact, locks and keys are believed to go back as far as the Romans, where valuables were kept in secure chests locked by a key worn as a ring. 

While the concept of a lock and a key is still around today, locks have become digital. 

The most secure locks are now electronic. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at exactly what keyless security is, how it works, and why it’s an important part of your company’s security strategy alongside a verified security alarm.

Why lock and key security no longer works

Keys have been the traditional method for securing locations for hundreds of years, yet today’s world has evolved and we now use technology to secure our most valuable assets. There’s a huge number of technological innovations out there from passcodes, magnetic swipe cards, and fingerprint recognition to better lock your facility.

That’s because traditional locks and keys are no longer the most effective security method.

Keys can be lost, stolen and copied, locks can be picked, bumped and compromised, and employees can enter valuable rooms when they're not supposed to without your company ever noticing. 

With the use of a lock and key, your business is far more likely to be the target of crime.

What is keyless security?

Keyless security, also known as key fob security or managed access control, is the use of access cards, badges or fobs to unlock doors that use electric locks instead of traditional key locks.

Through the use of managed access control, your business is able to restrict access around your premises. Track exactly who was in what room at any given time, and only give access to your company’s most valuable rooms to your most trusted employees.

Managed access control is the easiest, most cost-effective way for your business to dramatically improve your business. It prevents criminals from gaining access to your property and makes it virtually impossible for internal theft to occur without knowledge of who the thief was. 

Paired with a verified security alarm solution from Sonitrol Western Canada, managed access control is one of the top ways to secure your business.

How does managed access control work?

So, how does keyless security work? The main principle of keyless security is that each employee has an access card or key fob which they use on an electronic lock to gain access to a specific area of your business.

With Sonitrol, however, we’ve gone a step beyond the norm. Sonitrol Managed Access Control is a fully integrated security system that allows access doors to be programmed to open on certain shifts. When the system is armed, the doors do not unlock. 

Employees can be given different access levels, to ensure only trustworthy team members get access to your most valuable assets. Most importantly, however, is that with a phone call to our central monitoring station, you can make changes to your managed access control system at any time.

That means you can instantly add employees, delete employees, change access levels and amend door lock and unlocking shifts. You have complete control over who goes where and when, at any time of the day or night. 

How does managed access improve your business’ security?

There’s a wide range of benefits that the installation of a managed access control system will bring to your organization’s security strategy. Here are just a few of the top benefits here:

  • Stop intruders entering your property.

  • Eliminate the expense of rekeying or changing locks when keys are lost or employees leave your organization.

  • Secure your most valuable rooms, only giving access to a small number of trusted employees.

  • Account for your staff, and significantly reduce the likelihood of internal theft.

  • Decrease your liability and risk.


Are you interested in learning more about keyless security and how it can better protect your business from the consequences of crime? Get a free security plan from Sonitrol Western Canada today.

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