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How Sonitrol’s Verified Security Solution Will Protect Your Car Dealership From Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 21, 2020 10:08:00 AM

dealershipEarlier this year, a Calgary man admitted to stealing more than $250,000 worth of vehicle tires and rims from multiple car dealerships across Alberta, according to Global NewsA few months later in march, Airdrie RCMP laid charges on a man after an attempted armed robbery at a car dealership in the Alberta city (Airdrie Today). Then, at the start of April, Edmonton police were investigating an overnight break-in at a car dealership in the north side of the city (Global News). 

These are just a handful of the many crimes that have taken place at car dealerships across Western Canada, and show exactly why your business must consider a verified security solution.

The importance of security for car dealerships

Car dealerships are incredibly vulnerable to criminal activity, particularly in Alberta and Western Canada where vehicle theft is significantly higher than the majority of other provinces across the country. 

It’s not just the theft of cars that can impact your business either, criminals know that if they gain entry to your dealership they can make off with auto parts, stockroom assets, office computers and even cash. 

Crime at your dealership is a nightmare for business. Stolen vehicles, parts or computers not only have a disastrous impact on your bottom line, they can become a huge inconvenience for customers and may even result in lost sales. 

To ensure the operational efficiencies and profitability of your car dealership remain intact, it’s crucial that you look into protecting your business from crime with the installation of a verified security solution. 

Why verified security and what is it?

There are a number of ways that car dealerships can protect their assets from crime, such as using managed access control systems instead of physical keys, installing bollards to prevent thieves escaping with cars, parking vehicles strategically so that they cannot be towed off of the lot and many other methods.

None of these measures, however, are more crucial than the installation of a Sonitrol verified security solution

Unlike conventional CCTV, which results in a shocking number of false alarms and never seems to stop criminals while they are in the act, verified security sends footage of a crime directly to a security expert in a central monitoring station who is able to verify, and alert police, when a crime is real.

Since criminal activity is verified, police respond to Sonitrol alarms on average in just 3.5 minutes. Want to know what it is for conventional CCTV? 45 minutes, or more! That’s more than enough time for a criminal to break into your car dealership, steal some car keys and make off with your highest-value vehicle. 

Since real-time updates are sent directly from Sonitrol’s security experts straight into the hands of the police, our verified alarms ensure criminals are caught red-handed before your business loses money. 

That’s how we have helped police apprehend a whopping 180,000 criminals since 1988. 

A real-life example of how Sonitrol’s security solution has been used to protect one dealership

The Mall of Georgia Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership in Georgia, US, needed a new security solution from Sonitrol because of an increase in crime in the area. The business itself had experienced thefts on the lot and an armed robbery inside the dealership. 

Unfortunately, the dealership’s existing conventional security system was failing to detect intruders entering the premises. 

As a result, Sonitrol was challenged to secure the company’s entire lot, dealership office, body shop and accessory shop with a new security system that would detect unwanted guests on the lot after closing, as well as an intrusion system to detect intruders that reach the interior of the building. 

Sonitrol installed a fully-integrated solution using audio and video intrusion, indoor and outdoor SonaVision for video verification, as well as thermal and IP video solutions. 

Want to know the best news? The issues of theft and robbery came to a complete stop once the system was installed. 

“We have had two dispatches where law enforcement questioned individuals that entered the lot after closing that led to arrests for unrelated charges,” commented Daniel Stevens, Sonitrol’s Security Consultant. “The customers use the Sonitrol Mobile App to arm and disarm the system and to view the cameras remotely. They love this feature.”

For more information on how Sonitrol Western Canada can protect your car dealership from crime through our verified security solutions, contact us today. Our team of security experts would love to answer any questions you may have.

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