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How to Protect Your Retail Store From After-Hour Crime

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 10, 2022 10:31:39 AM

Last month, $40,000 in inventory was stolen from a wig shop in Vancouver. That very same shop was also robbed twice in 2020. 

During the latest incident, the criminal smashed the front window, reached through the security bars and grabbed what they could. The incident was reported after the fact, and two weeks later, the police were still in the early stages of the investigation. No arrests have yet been made when we published this blog (February 9, 2022). 

So, what can retail store owners do to better protect their business? There are a number of steps retail owners can take to protect their store when it's open. This includes: 

  • Training employees to spot suspicious behaviour 
  • Avoiding clutter in your store 
  • Making sure you have a good line of sight across your entire store 
  • Keeping small or popular items near the register 
  • Controlling the number of people in your store 
  • Having registers close to the door 
  • Using bright lighting 
  • Having additional staff on-site during peak hours and sales 
  • Minimizing the amount of cash kept on site and in tills 
  • Using security tags and security signs 

The problem is that these practices, while helpful during the day, don’t really protect your store after hours. That’s why it’s important that retailers build a complete security strategy that also has a plan for protecting the store after hours.

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How can retailers protect their property during after-hours?

The best way to protect your store is with a surveillance system. But not just any security system…

Traditional CCTV security systems only record the crime so that you can see what happened after the incident has already taken place. Retailers with traditional CCTV security, typically won’t be able to stop crime from happening at their premises. The damage still gets done, the products are still stolen and the criminal is still able to get away.

That’s because traditional CCTV security systems only act as an alarm for criminals. They know they have at least 20 minutes or more until the police show up once they hear the alarm. They can take what they want and still get away without getting caught. 

Instead, retailers should look at installing a verified security solution to secure their business. 

With verified security, trained professionals are able to review the security surveillance (whether video or audio) to verify whether an alarm going off is a real threat or a false alarm,

If the threat is verified, the security expert will contact the authorities and provide real-time updates in regards to what is going on at the site of the crime. This verification step helps to significantly improve police response times and apprehension rates.

In fact, Sonitrol alarms have helped apprehend more than 170,000 criminals, and that number keeps going up. 

By catching criminals in the act, your business will be able to avoid significant damage or losses, while also ensuring that justice is served and the criminal pays for their crime. 

Want to learn more? For more information on how to protect your retail store after hours, or for a free security audit, contact our team of security professionals today.  

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