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Top 8 Tips That Will Ensure Your Physical Office is Secure

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 14, 2021 9:57:59 AM

Whether you run a small, medium or large-sized business in Western Canada with a physical office space, your organization is vulnerable to a variety of threats such as break-and-enters or vandalism.

Offices contain a wide range of valuable items, such as computers, cash and legal documents, making them a top target for criminals who are looking for an opportunity to make a quick buck. 

That’s why office security is so essential. 

Keeping your physical workplace secure, however, can be a daunting task. That’s why here at Sonitrol Western Canada we have compiled this list of the eight top tips that will improve your office security. We hope it helps!

#1 - Use a verified alarm system

The absolute best way to prevent crime from occurring at your company’s physical office space is to invest in a verified security system. Sonitrol’s innovative verified security alarm system monitors your entire facility, verifying threats and then alerting the police.

Verified security doesn’t just record criminal activity like ineffective conventional CCTV systems, it verifies it and then immediately alerts the police. Once a threat is detected at your office building, a live broadcast is sent to a security expert in a 24/7 monitoring station who is then able to verify whether it is a real threat or a false alarm.

Since verified security significantly cuts down the chance of false alarms when compared to other solutions, police departments respond to Sonitrol verified alarms in just 3.5 minutes and we have helped police forces apprehend more than 175,000 criminals reed-handed since 1997. 

#2 - Introduce ID badges for employees and visitors

One of the most important aspects of protecting the valuable items in your office starts with understanding and controlling, exactly who is entering your office. Allowing members of the public to freely enter your building is just asking for trouble. 

If your office is large enough to warrant it, consider introducing ID badges for both employees, but most important, visitors. This will ensure you have an effective sign-in and sign-out process that prevents unauthorized access to your office space.

#3 - Use laptop locks

Laptops or computers are likely one of the most expensive items that sit in your office overnight, not just because of their monetary value but also due to the sensitive files and documents you likely store on them. While they aren’t the perfect solution, laptop locks add an additional layer of protection that will put opportunistic thieves from targeting your office in the first place.

#4 - Keep important documents in locked cabinets

While documents aren’t inherently as valuable as technology, the information that you store on them could be. That’s why it’s important that you keep all sensitive, legal and confidential documents in locked drawers or cabinets - as well as backed up in a separate location. Losing these documents to theft, without proper backups, could leave you open to blackmail. 

#5 - Install managed access control throughout your building

Do you have rooms in your office building with valuable items stored in them? Why not secure these rooms further with a managed access control system (keyless entry) that tracks and restricts who goes where. You will be able to control, and review, who was in which room and at what time. If anything goes missing, you’ll know exactly who was in the room at the time it disappeared.

#6 - Store cash in a safe

Do you store cash on-site at your office? The most effective way to secure this money is to take it to your bank as soon as possible. However, it’s likely that you can’t always take cash to the bank as soon as you have received it. That’s why, in the meantime, it’s crucial that you have a secure place to store the money. Invest in a high-quality safe to store your cash in while you are waiting to take it to the bank. 

#7 - Create a security plan for your business and your employees

Despite your best efforts when it comes to security, you can never be over-prepared. It’s always possible that a security breach may occur no matter what security solutions you have put in place. In the event that does happen, it’s crucial that everyone within your organization knows how to respond. 

Developing a security plan, as well as regular employee training sessions, will ensure your business is prepared for any security eventuality. 

#8 - Join a ‘business watch’ scheme in your local area

Ever heard of ‘neighbourhood watch’ in residential areas? Well, a business watch group is the same idea, just specifically designed for local business owners instead. Business owners can alert police and other commercial organizations about crime in the area, helping to reduce business-related crime.

Are you interested in more information on how you can keep your physical office in Western Canada secure from crime? Contact Sonitrol Western Canada today. Our team of security experts would love to answer any of your questions and give you a free security plan.

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