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How to Protect Your Rural Farm in Western Canada From Thieves

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 18, 2021 12:15:00 PM

Do you have a security solution in place that protects your rural farm in Western Canada from theft? This is more important than ever before - and, thankfully, now there’s better security technology than there has ever been before as well. 

Crime on rural farms has been hitting the news quite frequently in recent times. Take a look at this story in the Calgary Herald for example. An investigation into the theft of four calves from a southern Alberta property resulted in RCMP recovering four missing calves, as well as seizing a bag of crystal meth and an unauthorized weapon. 

“The four calves have been returned to their owner, however, the impacts from crime as a result of a theft of this nature are ongoing,” Sgt. Gary Maclaren of the crime reduction unit said in a news release Wednesday.

“The victim will continue to experience not only the stress resulting from being a victim of crime but also the added financial costs, which include the cost of purchasing milk replacer and having to bottle-feed the animals as a result of them being apart from their mother too long. Other impacts are long-term effects on the mothers of the calves as a result of their separation, which can reduce their value.”

With that in mind, what can rural farms across Western Canada do to better protect their assets? We will answer your questions here.

The first step is to not rely on traditional CCTV system 

For many years both businesses and rural farms have relied on CCTV cameras to secure their premises. Unfortunately, we know now that conventional CCTV alarms are completely ineffective at stopping a crime from occurring. 

CCTV cameras only record a crime as it takes place, they don’t stop it from happening. That means by the time you have seen the footage, it’s more than likely that the criminal has already completed their action and made it far away from your farm. 

Not only that, but 98 percent of conventional alarms turn out to be false alarms. The result? Police forces no longer prioritize responding to conventional CCTV alarms, often taking 45 minutes or more to respond to them. 

So, what’s the best solution? A verified security system

Want to implement a security solution that truly offers your rural farm protection against crime? A verified security alarm system from Sonitrol Western Canada is the most effective method. 

Unlike conventional CCTV systems, verified alarms don’t just record break-ins. Instead, they send a live video and audio feed to a 24/7 central monitoring station where a team of security experts can verify whether an alarm is real, immediately alerting the police. 

Since alarms are verified, police respond to Sonitrol Western Canada’s verified alarms in just 3.5 minutes. That’s a huge difference when compared to the 45 minutes or more it takes police to respond to traditional CCTV alarms.

The main benefits of Sonitrol Western Canada’s verified alarms include:

  • Significantly faster police response times than conventional CCTV systems.
  • The lowest false alarm rate in the industry, meaning it’s a solution that’s trusted by the police.
  • Criminals know the brand, meaning it already acts as a deterrent just being on your premises.
  • Verified video solutions can be customized for your farm’s unique needs, ensuring all of your assets are secure.

Interested in learning more about how a Sonitrol Western Canada verified alarm system will secure your rural farm? Contact our team of security experts today


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