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5 Ways to Prevent Theft at Education Facilities in Western Canada

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 24, 2021 1:04:19 PM

Did you know that nearly all teachers (95 percent) are now using technology in the classroom in some shape or form?

Technology in the classroom comes with some incredible benefits, such as personalized teaching, improved teacher efficiencies, and further equipping students with the digital skills they need for 21st Century careers. 

Yet, with so many high-valued pieces of technology on campus, schools, colleges and universities are rapidly becoming a new target for opportunistic criminals looking to grab high-value items that they can sell on for a quick buck. 

More than ever before, security at educational facilities is crucial

In this blog, Sonitrol Western Canada looks at five tips and best practices that will significantly improve the security of your educational facility and help protect your facility from the damaging implications of theft. 

#1 - Keep technology out of sight

Most criminals either scout out their targets before they actually break into a building, or they commit a crime in the heat of the moment when an easy opportunity presents itself to them. You can significantly limit those opportunities by simply keeping technology out of sight while it’s not in use. 

Store all technology - such as audio and video equipment, computers and other learning aids - in a secure room while it’s not being used in the classroom. This will keep it out of sight from opportunistic thieves. 

#2 - Limit access throughout your facility

To further protect your facility’s expensive equipment, install security technology that controls and monitors the people entering and exiting the buildings of your educational facility. With a managed access control system, also known as keyless entry, you can limit access to high-value facilities and rooms by ensuring only those with a fob key can gain access.

#3 - Strategically manage your landscaping for added security

Most criminals are opportunistic and will target properties with plenty of hiding spaces. Overgrown plants and other landscaping features can provide easy places for criminals to hide when trying to break into your educational facility. Trimming or even removing landscaping features can act as a huge deterrent for criminals, making your property more secure from break-and-enters.

#4 - Improve the lighting around your property

Just like landscaping features offer criminals a place to hide, so do dark areas around your education facility. Thieves will be more likely to target your property if they believe they can stay hidden while they are breaking into your school, college or university. Keeping your campus well lit throughout the night can act as a deterrent to would-be thieves. 

#5 - Implement a verified security system

To truly protect your education facility from theft, vandalism and other crimes, it’s important to install a verified security solution that not only monitors your premises but also verifies potential threats.

Catch criminals red-handed with a security alarm that doesn’t just record criminal activity, but verifies whether threats are real or not through a live broadcast to a 24/7 monitoring station. Once a threat is detected, a security expert in the monitoring station is able to verify whether it is real or if it’s a false alarm.

Since alarms are verified, police trust verified security solutions. In fact, police departments respond to Sonitrol verified alarms in just 3.5 minutes, meaning thieves are caught in the act before they make it off your facility.

Want to learn more about how a verified security solution can provide next-level security for your educational facility? Contact Sonitrol Western Canada today. Sonitrol’s innovative security technology has helped apprehend more than 175,000 criminals since 1977.

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