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Protecting Your Business: Avoiding Common Security Mistakes

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 31, 2023 10:37:00 AM

mistakesSafeguarding your business from security threats is crucial for maintaining integrity and protecting valuable assets. Unfortunately, many businesses still fall victim to common security mistakes that leave them susceptible to breaches, theft, and other security incidents. 

While implementing audio and video surveillance can significantly enhance your business's security, there are a lot of missteps you can make that increase your risks. By being aware of these pitfalls and taking proactive measures to address them, you can maximize the benefits of audio and video surveillance. 

To help you better protect your business, here are some of the most common security mistakes businesses make with their audio/video surveillance systems and advice on how to avoid them.

1. Poor Camera Placement

One common mistake businesses make when it comes to their audio/video surveillance systems is inadequate camera placement. We see it all the time. A business sets up a security system to help protect their business but then places the cameras in ineffective locations or away from truly vulnerable areas. 

To prevent this from happening to you, conduct a thorough assessment of your business premises and identify high-risk areas, such as entrances, parking lots, and areas with valuable assets. Once these areas are identified, ensure that cameras are strategically positioned to provide optimal coverage, minimize blind spots, and capture clear images. 

When in doubt, consulting with security professionals can help you determine the best camera placement for your specific needs.

2. Insufficient Coverage

Another mistake businesses make is failing to ensure comprehensive surveillance coverage. 

Depending solely on a limited number of cameras can leave blind spots and potential vulnerabilities. That’s why, when looking into an audio/video surveillance system, you need to consider the layout and size of your premises to determine the appropriate number of cameras required for comprehensive coverage. 

Incorporate a combination of wide-angle and zoom cameras to capture different perspectives effectively. 

Once your system is installed, regularly evaluate and adjust camera positions and angles as your business evolves to maintain optimal coverage.

3. Inadequate Lighting Considerations

Insufficient lighting can significantly impact the effectiveness of your audio and video surveillance. Poorly lit areas can result in grainy or unusable footage, making it difficult to identify individuals or events accurately. 

That’s why you want to ensure critical areas are well-lit, either through natural or artificial lighting sources. You can also consider installing cameras with low-light capabilities or integrating supplementary lighting solutions, such as infrared or motion-activated lights, to enhance visibility in dimly lit areas.

4. Low-Quality Equipment

Investing in high-quality audio and video surveillance equipment is essential for capturing clear and detailed footage. Low-resolution cameras or subpar audio recording devices can result in blurry or unclear images and audio, making it challenging to identify individuals or understand conversations. 

Prioritize reliable, high-resolution cameras and audio equipment that can withstand various lighting conditions and deliver the necessary level of detail. 

If you have a high quality system but it hasn’t been looked at in a while, consider having someone come in to make sure it is up-to-date, functioning as it should be and safe from hackers and other cyber attacks. 

In addition, the most effective security solutions today are verified alarms. This means that once an alarm is detected, it is verified and either reset as a “false alarm” or sent directly to law enforcement. Due to this verification police response times are significantly faster and criminals are typically caught red-handed. 

5. Neglecting Regular Maintenance and Upgrade

Speaking of inspecting your audio and video surveillance systems, don’t wait long periods of time before inspecting your security system. To be effective your audio and video surveillance system needs regular maintenance and updates to ensure its reliability and functionality. Neglecting this aspect can lead to equipment failure, reduced performance, or compatibility issues with new technologies. 

Establish a maintenance schedule to inspect cameras, clear and clean lenses, and test audio quality regularly. Stay updated with firmware updates and security patches provided by the equipment manufacturer or your security provider to address vulnerabilities and enhance system performance.

Why You Need to Avoid These Common Mistakes With Your Security System

Audio and video surveillance can greatly enhance your business's security, but if they aren’t used properly, their effectiveness can be compromised. 

By strategically placing cameras, investing in high-quality equipment, ensuring comprehensive coverage, considering lighting requirements, and prioritizing regular maintenance and upgrades, you can maximize the benefits of your audio and video surveillance systems. 

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