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RCMP Urge Alberta Businesses to Protect Their Commercial Properties

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 15, 2023 8:57:51 AM

RCMPIn the bustling streets of Alberta towns, where opportunities thrive and businesses flourish, a shadow looms over the commercial landscape - the threat of break-ins and thefts. 

July, in particular, marked a disconcerting spike in break-ins, leaving business owners in Alberta on high alert. In response, the Alberta RCMP is urging entrepreneurs to fortify their establishments against potential threats.

In the face of this rising challenge, the importance of physical security for commercial properties has never been more evident. Safeguarding your business is not merely a matter of protecting assets; it’s about securing the livelihood of your dreams and the hard work that you’ve poured into your enterprise. 

Alberta RCMP advocates a proactive approach, offering invaluable advice to shield businesses including keeping windows clear, storing valuables away from windows, ensuring fences are well-maintained and more. But these are just some of the steps you can take. 

To help you further protect your business, here are 25 things to consider.

25 Tips to Protect Your Business From Crime

#1 - Alarm System Alerts: Install a reliable alarm system that can alert both you and law enforcement in case of unauthorized access.

#2 - Window Safety: Keep windows clear of stickers and posters, ensuring a clear line of sight both inside and outside the premises.

#3 - Securing Valuables: Store valuables away from windows and consider installing roll shutters or bars to reinforce window security, making it difficult for intruders to gain entry.

#4 - Maintain Preventative Measures: Regularly inspect and maintain existing security measures such as fences, ensuring they serve as effective deterrents.

#5 - Budget for Safety: Recognize that implementing all security measures at once can be financially burdensome. Plan your budget and prioritize safety measures, implementing them over time.

#6 - Invest in Sturdy Locks: Secure all entry points with high-quality locks, including doors, windows, and gates, to resist tampering attempts.

#7 - Employee Awareness: Educate your employees about security protocols, emphasizing the importance of locking doors and windows when leaving the premises.

#8 - Key Control: Implement managed access control to keep better track of who is moving about your premise and control access.

#9 - Secure Parking Areas: Illuminate and secure parking areas to prevent vehicle break-ins, which can lead to further breaches inside the premises.

#10 - Collaborate with Neighbours: Establish a strong community network with neighbouring businesses, fostering mutual vigilance and prompt reporting of suspicious activities.

#11 - Regular Inspections: Conduct routine security audits to identify vulnerabilities and address them promptly.

#12 - Digital Security: Protect your digital assets by implementing robust cybersecurity measures, safeguarding sensitive information from online threats.

#13 - Emergency Response Plan: Develop a comprehensive emergency response plan, ensuring all employees are aware of evacuation procedures and emergency contacts.

#14 - Secure Storage Areas: If your business involves storage areas, fortify them with additional security measures such as reinforced doors, managed access control, and alarms.

#15 - Visitor Access Control: Implement visitor access control systems, requiring all guests to sign in and wear visible identification badges.

#16 - Security Signage: Display security signage prominently, indicating the presence of surveillance cameras and alarm systems, acting as a deterrent.

#17 - Secure Your Wi-Fi Networks: Protect your business Wi-Fi network with strong passwords and encryption, preventing unauthorized access to your digital infrastructure.

#18 - Regular Security Training: Conduct regular security training sessions for employees, keeping them updated on the latest security threats and preventive measures.

#19 - Secure Cash Handling: Implement secure cash handling procedures, including regular deposits and limited access to cash reserves.

#20 - Background Checks: Conduct thorough background checks for potential employees, ensuring you hire individuals with trustworthy backgrounds.

#21 - Secure Your Perimeter: Install fencing or barriers around your property to define the perimeter, making it harder for intruders to access your premises unnoticed.

#22 - Collaborate with Law Enforcement: Foster a strong relationship with local law enforcement, seeking their advice on enhancing security measures tailored to your area.

#23 - Stay Informed: Stay informed about recent criminal activities in your area and adapt your security measures accordingly, staying one step ahead of potential threats.

#24 - Illuminate Your Surroundings: Install motion sensor lights and keep indoor lights on at all times to deter intruders in the cover of darkness.

#25 - Invest in Verified Surveillance: Enhance visibility with high-quality verified alarms strategically placed around your property. Sonitrol has designed a verified alarm system with the highest apprehension rate and the lowest false alarm rate in the industry, protecting your business from crime.

By embracing these tips, inspired by the wisdom shared by the Alberta RCMP, businesses can fortify their defences, ensuring a secure environment where entrepreneurship can thrive, unburdened by the fear of theft and intrusion. 

Remember, investing in security is an investment in the future of your business. Interested in improving your security? Get a free security plan for your Alberta business today

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