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5 Commonly Asked Security Questions From New Business Owners

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 29, 2022 12:01:15 PM

New Business Security

Every year, close to 100,000 new businesses open in Canada each year. Many of these business owners are new to entrepreneurship, which means there’s a lot to think about and learn. One area that is often forgotten or set aside as a concern for a later date is security.

The problem is, crime doesn’t take a break. And without a robust security solution, you could be putting your business at greater risk of criminal activity. To help emphasize the importance of installing a proper security system, in this blog we answer some common commercial security questions from new business owners.

#1 - If my new location already has a system installed, can I use it? 

While it may seem resourceful to reuse the security system that is already installed at your new location, there are some risks. Afterall, they left their investment behind for a reason. 

The first issue is that the system is likely older. This means you could be inheriting problems like outdated technology or deteriorated wiring. You also don’t know just how secure the system really is. 

if it was left behind by the previous owner, it’s probably not considered worth keeping.

#2 - Can I use a residential security system to save money?

Residential alarm systems are designed for use at home. This means they offer different security features and functions than those needed by a business. They are also generally not robust enough to protect corporate properties. 

You want a system from a company that specializes in commercial loss prevention to ensure you are getting a system specific to your needs and location. The result will be a tailor-made solution that’s guaranteed to protect your business. 

#3 - Do I really need a security system if I have insurance? 

Sure, your insurance will likely cover any theft or damage at your business. But there are many repercussions to a break-in outside of the physical loss and damage of property. 

One of the biggest is employee and customer confidence. If employees and customers don’t feel like they and their personal information are safe, they are less likely to stay loyal to your business and can increase the cost of getting new customers and top talent. When you’re just starting out, a bad reputation can be detrimental to your success. 

#4 - Will a security specialist customize my solution? 

Security system sales reps are usually trained in selling their company's products. They are not trained in evaluating the unique security needs of your business. That means they will often cut corners to beat quotes from their conventional competitors. They’re also more likely to be selling predesigned packages.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t good sales reps. To get a system specifically designed for your needs and business, find a security sales rep who will visit your location, view your premises unique needs and suggest the options available to you. 

Our Sonitrol reps will do this and be able to explain why they’re recommending each option and will create a plan designed for you … they won’t just sell you a fixed package. And they’ll do it all with no obligation from you. Get a free security plan today!

#5 - Isn’t a siren alarm enough to deter criminals? 

A conventional security system that sets off a siren will not deter a criminal. Criminals know that once an alarm goes off, they have an average of 20 minutes or more to complete the job before police arrive. This means they can optimize their time to commit the most damage or steal the most property.

Verified security has a faster response time, reducing damage and losses, and increasing apprehension rates. In fact, at Sonitrol we have helped police make more than 175,000 apprehensions. Not to mention, our reputation is so well known that just seeing the Sonitrol name or system is enough to deter many criminals.

25 Misconceptions about commercial security systems eBook

Choosing the right security system could be essential for the survival of your company. Tens of thousands of small companies close each year, and risking your security is just not an option.

Sure, insurance will cover physical losses and damage. But the deterioration of customer confidence, temporary closures and the loss of client data can’t simply be replaced. These are all things that could result in your business’ failure. 

Installing a Sonitrol security alarm system, that has been designed specifically for your company’s building, can prevent this from happening.

Contact us today to find out how our security solutions can protect your new business.

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