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Defending Your Business From Door-to-Door Scams - Tips From the RCMP

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 1, 2024 8:42:00 AM

Door to Door ScamsDespite the surge of online scams and fraudulent digital transactions, door-to-door scams still persist, posing a potential threat to business owners. Staying informed about these scams and implementing a robust security solution is crucial for safeguarding your business from financial losses.

Door-to-door scams typically involve a perpetrator offering services for tasks such as paving, roofing, or flooring at an enticingly discounted rate. After agreeing to the work, signing a contract, and providing a down payment, the scammer absconds without fulfilling their commitment. Resolving such fraud often becomes a complex civil issue, requiring legal action against unknown individuals and non-existent companies, leading to significant financial losses.

To distinguish between legitimate and fraudulent door-to-door sales calls, here’s  a list of precautions and tips recommended by the RCMP. 

"Know whom you are dealing with. Personnel from these businesses should have no problem providing identification and documentation.

Confirm your seller’s name, address and telephone number. Employees should know the company address and phone number.

If an offer is too good to be true, it almost always is. Products and services priced way below market value should cause some red flags.

Call the businesses’ customer service line. Check to see if the phone number works. If it does, ask them questions.

Know your cancellation rights. BC’s consumer contracts regulation gives you 10 days to cancel your door-to-door sales contract for any reason. You also have up to a year to cancel if your contract doesn’t include certain information (such as the business’s name, total price and payment terms).

Be cautious of down payments and keep a copy of your contract. BC’s consumer contracts regulation states that if you’re asked to make a down payment, it can’t be more than 10 percent of the total cost or $100 – the lesser of the two. You must also receive a copy of the contract at the time of signing or it’s not binding.

Ask questions about prize incentives. Surveys or prize incentives are tactics that can be used by some door-to-door salespeople who want to gain access to your home and run you through sales presentations. Make an informed decision and be sure you want the service or product before accepting any free gifts.

Do your research. Before signing any contract or committing to a purchase, it’s always a good idea to get more information first. Ask your friends or neighbours about their experience or do some research about the company online. You can also contact your local Better Business Bureau, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, and Consumer Protection BC to enquire about the business.

Don’t rush. Ask the sales person for some time to think about the purchase. A legitimate salesperson will not pressure you. Remember that it’s also okay to say no."
Source: Door to door business scams, RCMP B.C.

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Deterring door-to-door scammers can be achieved through the installation of video surveillance systems. Beyond capturing images of potential fraudsters, these systems serve as a deterrent to criminals attempting to target your business. In case of a return visit for theft, monitored surveillance provides evidence for law enforcement intervention.

Another important component of business security is access control. In the past it was common for businesses of all types (retail, service centers, workshops) to leave entrance doors unlocked for foot-traffic, but today, having a modern access control system provides an added layer of security to protect assets and employees.

If you are concerned about protecting your business from scams and would like to explore Sonitrol’s integrated security systems, please contact us for more information.

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