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How Vancouver Bicycle Retailers Can Protect Their Stores From Theft

Posted by Joe Wilson

Sep 27, 2021 8:34:45 AM

Bicycle Retail Security

Despite a focused effort by local law enforcement to reduce thefts, Vancouver continues to have the highest rate of bicycle theft per capita out of any major city in Canada, according to data compiled by CBC News.

It shows just how important effective security solutions are for Vancouver-based bicycle retailers.

In Vancouver, 2,115 bicycles were reported stolen to the Vancouver Police Department in 2020 - although officers say more thefts were never reported. That means 334 bicycles were stolen last year in Vancouver for every 100,000 people.

While more bikes were stolen in cities with larger populations like Toronto (3,838) and Calgary (3,284), when broken down per capita, it is clear that Vancouver still sees the highest rate of thefts.

Most of these bikes are stolen from the street, as well as bike lockers and garages but it does shine a light on how bike retailers across Vancouver should put extra focus on the security of their stores.

With that in mind, Sonitrol Western Canada has listed a few tips here to help bike retailers across Vancouver (and Western Canada) enhance the security of their shop. We hope it helps!

Install a verified security system

Ensure both the inside and outside of your retail premises are secure with the implementation of a verified security solution. These innovative alarms are significantly more effective than traditional CCTV alarm systems.

Unlike traditional CCTV that just records a crime as it happens and doesn’t alert you until you watch the footage back, verified alarms send live streams directly to security professionals located in a 24/7 central monitoring station. These security experts are able to verify if an alarm is a real threat, or simply a false alarm.

Since alarms are verified before being sent to local law enforcement, police forces respond on average to Sonitrol verified alarms in just 3.5 minutes - compared to the 45 minutes or more of traditional CCTV alarms.

That means you’ll catch criminals red-handed, before they make off with your valuable bikes. 

Lock up your bikes and keep keys behind keyless doors

As an additional layer of protection, you probably lock up the bikes within your store - especially the more expensive ones. Take that layer of security even further by either locking your keys, or your most expensive bikes, behind managed access control (known as keyless entry).

Managed access control gives your shop an additional layer of security by hiding your valuable assets and keys behind a locked door. Only employees with key fobs can access these keyless locks, making it more difficult for criminals to reach your most expensive items. 

Even better, managed access control gives your business reporting functionality. You’ll know exactly who was in what room, and at what time. 

Other best practices for enhancing the security of your bike retail store:

  • Train your staff to properly lock up your store at the end of the day. 
  • Optimize your shop layout to make it difficult for thieves to make off with your bikes. 
  • Train your staff in security procedures and how to act in the event of criminal activity. 
  • Don’t leave unlocked bikes at the front of your shop during opening hours.
  • Team up with local businesses to keep an eye out on suspicious activity.
  • Enforce a strict inventory management system so no items go unaccounted for.


Interested in enhancing the security of your retail bicycle store? Get in touch with Sonitrol Western Canada today. We would love to help.

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