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Does Security Signage Reduce Retail Theft?

Posted by Joe Wilson

Oct 28, 2021 1:15:00 PM

According to the Retail Council of Canada, “Canadian retailers lose over $3 billion annually to crime.” 

To help prevent these losses, retailers often use security signs inside their stores to prevent thieves from robbing them. This includes signs about electronic theft protection devices, surveillance, etc. But do these signs really work to enhance retail security

Loss Prevention Magazine conducted research to answer this question by interviewing customers. Here’s some of the information they found.

  1. 85% of customers noticed the security signage that was hanging in the store. 
  2. 62% noticed the security packaging and protective displays (i.e. anti-theft tags, sensors on electronics, displays found in firearms stores or jewellery stores).
  3. 23% of respondents were worried or anxious about being watched by surveillance. 
  4. 50% said the signs made them feel safer. 
  5. 31% said they were more likely to buy from the store.

So, what does this mean to Canadian retailers?

It mostly tells us that customers do notice these signs. And that gives many a sense of safety, which is good for brand reputation and potentially sales. We also know that some customers were concerned they were being watched. 

What it doesn’t tell us is whether those customers would be thieves and if the signage would truly deter criminals. 

When it comes to first-time criminals and retail thieves, these signs may have some bearing on their decision to steal from you by creating a feeling of anxiousness. But at the end of the day, the best way to deter criminals is by using a verified security solution and, more importantly, a brand that criminals choose to avoid. And that’s what the Sonitrol name does. 

Why Sonitrol’s verified security is always the best retail security solution

Sonitrol security systems are a brand that police (and our customers) trust. 

Our professional security specialists monitor our systems 24/7 and are able to verify crimes in the process, significantly reducing false alarm rates and improving how fast police response times are.

In fact, police departments provide a quicker response time (an average of 3.5 minutes) and are more aware of what is happening when they arrive at a scene with the Sonitrol security solution - and that’s because we can provide them with live updates!

The fact that we have such fast response rates, and that we have helped apprehend 175,000 criminals, means thieves stay away from businesses with the Sonitrol logo. 

Our systems also allow business owners to check in regularly, ensuring they feel confident that their business is safe, even when they aren’t on-site.

For more information on our verified security systems and other steps you can take to protect your retail space, contact our security professionals today.

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Joe Wilson, Owner of Sonitrol Western Canada

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