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RCMP catch criminals attempting robbery at Sport Chek - Langley, BC

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 18, 2018 5:32:07 AM

I am writing to thank the Langley RCMP, the 911 operators and your Sonitrol monitoring staff for their terrific teamwork in apprehending the thief in our store late last night. This thief was hiding inside our store when we locked up and went home for the night. Your monitoring staff detected this thief as he began to pull on a fixture and dispatched the Langley RCMP immediately; who responded in minutes and apprehended him before he could get away with any product.

We had a more familiar B&E back in 2011 where thieves smashed the front windows that your system also detected. In that event, when the Langley RCMP arrived on the scene, the thieves made a run for it - after a car chase, the thieves were apprehended and the product that had been stolen was recovered.

We are very impressed by how well your verified technology works and with the coordination there is between your monitoring staff, the 911 operators and the responding Police officers. The successes with your system are common across our National network and are the reason our Corporate Office has mandated the use of Sonitrol in our stores all across the country.

Again, a huge Thank You to the Langley RCMP for their fast response and outstanding work


Tara Sutherland

Store Manager

Atmosphere, Langley

To read the original letter from Sport Chek - Click here

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