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Cascade break-in, trigged by Sonitrol security alarm, responded to with Police units, K-9, and police helicopter.

Posted by Joe Wilson

Apr 24, 2007 10:38:00 AM



"I met you two years ago when we were moving to a new office warehouse in Delta. Your sales demo reconfirmed what I already knew from experience; how conventional alarms did not deter criminal activity, did not receive a prompt police response and were generally a pain in the backside due to all their false alarms.


You also explained how awesome Sonitrol was - and how your verified systems would deter criminal activity and receive a very prompt police response. I must say that I was skeptical that you were just giving me a well practiced sales spiel about how Sonitrol would be different than the conventional alarms I had experience with. At the end of the day I thought that it made sense to use your verified technology, rather than continue to use conventional alarm technology that I knew would not be effective.


Well, my Sonitrol skepticism was erased on Saturday night! I received a call from your central station staff advising me that as we spoke, our facility was experiencing a break-in and that the police were already on their way. When I arrived on site, there were multiple police cars, a K-9 unit and a police helicopter overhead. It was like something out of Law and Order or CSI! When I found the officer in charge, I was in awe of the police response. This officer quite matter-of-factly stated: “When Sonitrol calls us, we know the call is real and because we want to catch these bad guys, this is the response you get.


All I can say is I don't know why anyone who is in need of a security system would not utilize your verified technology. Your systems truly do get a prompt police response and I am glad I did not let my sales skepticism get the best of me. Please pass our thanks along to the Delta Police and your Central Station staff."


Paul Wood, President




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