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Langley RCMP Catch Two Criminals Red-Handed in British Columbia with Help From Sonitrol

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jan 17, 2018 10:00:00 AM

Dear Mike,

Many thanks to the Langley RCMP for their very speedy response and capture of two thieves who broke into our storage yard late last night! Your monitoring staff detected these two people immediately as they breached the fence of our neighbour, Nova Drywall, and then as seen on video from our side, moved into our yard uninvited. As seen on the video capture, the Langley RCMP arrived in just a few moments and arrested the individuals without incident. The use of your video verification and the Coordination between the Sonitrol monitoring staff, the 911 operators and the responding officers worked perfectly.

The Quorum Group invested in your VERIFIED Audio Intrusion System in conjunction with your Sonavision Live Monitored Video back in 2009 when we opened our new Headquarters in Gloucester Estates. Our neighbour Nova Drywall, followed suit when they opened in 2011. Both companies are really pleased with the result from last night

Again, please pass our sincere thanks along to the Langley RCMP, the 911 operators and your Sonitrol monitoring staff for their outstanding work.


Chris Blondin

Quorum Construction

5350 272nd Street Langley BC V4W 1S3

Ph: (604) 607-8888

Fax: (604) 607-8883

To view the original letter from the Quorum Construction Group click here.



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