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Since installing a Sonitrol verified security system, Save More Plumbing & Lighting reports false alarms have ceased

Posted by Joe Wilson

Nov 10, 2008 10:18:00 AM



"We installed Sonitrol verified security systems at our Surrey and Mission facilities due to our previous conventional alarms experiencing undetected break-ins and high false alarms. Being good corporate citizens, we wanted to ensure we were not wasting limited police resources by calling them out to false alarms. We also wanted to reduce criminal activity in our community by either deterring or apprehending these thieves.


Our frustrations and research on finding effective security solutions led us to ask the police for their advice on what actions we should take. They suggested we contact Sonitrol. Since we installed your verified systems, our false alarm activity has ceased. We have experienced 2 break-ins; police have responded within minutes, and apprehended these thieves prior to them being able to create any damage or steal anything.


Please pass our thanks along to the Mission and Surrey RCMP for introducing us to your verified systems, for responding promptly to your calls for service, and for apprehending these in the act.


Ram Barisal, President




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