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Sonitrol helps resolve huge issue of security false alarms

Posted by Joe Wilson

Mar 9, 2007 7:20:00 AM



"First of all, I would like to thank you for the opportunity you provided me to work for such a great company as Sonitrol. It was a real pleasure to work with professionals in the field of security. As you know, not all security companies are like that. Your staff in the California Offices are always top of the line. I was very impressed with how they dealt with the customers.


When I came to work for you, I told you that Sonitrol alarms accounted for all my burglar alarm apprehensions during my 30 years in law enforcement. Your stats bear that out. The technology Sonitrol uses is different than any other company and impact activated/stored audio is what truly makes the difference. Simply stated, I don't know why everyone doesn't use it. As you know, it is in my residence and always will be.


Prior to and since being sworn in as Sheriff of Kern County, I have had discussions with my dispatching staff and they continue to praise the job you do. They have told me how after activations, Sonitrol dispatchers will remain on the line with them to keep them updated as to where the suspects are, actions the suspects have taken, and sometimes even the names of the suspects. Further, a huge issue in law enforcement today is false alarms. As you are aware, the industry standard is approximately 98%. I personally know that Sonitrol's false alarm rate is much less than that. Because of Sonitrol's minimum false alarms, verification before calling law enforcement, and high apprehension rates, we place your alarms on a higher priority for dispatching.


I want to make a suggestion. If you could find the time to make an appointment with the Sheriffs in California it would be most beneficial for those Sheriffs to know what you do and how your product works. It would be worth 45 minutes to an hour of their time and yours. As Sonitrol continues to work with law enforcement to apprehend burglars and help minimize response to false alarms, I hope you will continue to keep me updated on your successes. I know we catch over 100 burglars a year in Bakersfield with Sonitrol alarms, but I would like you to share every apprehension with me. If you could forward your CAD printout to me, and to each of the other Sheriffs, it would be most appreciated.


Again, thank you so much for the chance to see first hand how good you guys are. And share my letter with my friends in the Sonitrol network through the United States."


Donny Youngblood, Sheriff, Coroner





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