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Sonitrol security system works for Westburne electrical supplies distributor!

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 23, 2009 9:20:00 AM



"We are a world leader in the distribution of Electrical Supplies with a presence on 4 continents and in more than 30 countries.


For years, we had break-ins to our outdoor storage compound in Burnaby, losing tens of thousands of dollars in product - not to mention the damage to our fences and lost productivity this created. We tried everything we know to combat our theft problems: reinforced fences, security patrols, multiple guard dogs… you name it. These options were tremendously expensive – with the guards and guard dogs a “forever” expense that never went away. Nothing we did stopped the criminals from successfully ripping us off!


One particularly distasteful by product of our guard dogs was the excrement they left in our storage compound and the urine that would routinely spill out of conduit onto our staff as they collected product in the yard.


After our last break-in approximately 9 months ago, the Burnaby RCMP told us about a company that had helped them make multiple apprehensions in outdoor storage compounds at two nearby businesses. That company is Sonitrol.


Being a National Company, we contacted our Head Office in Mississauga for approval and were informed that we had a couple of proven sites in other Divisions, so getting the approval for the Sonitrol system was easy.


We went live with Sonitrol’s live monitored video (Sonavision) in June ’08 and our criminal activity has stopped dead in its tracks! Clearly, the professional criminals know not to mess with Sonitrol – what a deterrent!


I wanted to write this letter to let the world know that Sonitrol’s verified technology works. Please share this letter with anyone who is contemplating installing your verified systems. Sonavision works!"


Brent Armstrong, Divisional Operations Manager




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