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Sonitrol Stops Supply Yard Break-in - Video

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jun 4, 2021 12:45:39 PM

Dear Mike,

Please send our thanks to the Delta Police Department, their responding officers, 911 and your Sonitrol operators for their work in catching and arresting the person who broke into our yard just before midnight last night!

We store very expensive equipment in our yards; which is why we installed your high level systems across Western Canada back in 2006. We use your Sonavision Live Monitored Video Systems to protect our equipment outside, and your Sonitrol Audio to protect our buildings.

Your video systems alarm to people entering our yards so the Police know that a real breach is in progress. Similarly, your audio systems alarm to noise – or the sounds of someone trying to break into our buildings. In both scenarios, there is a verification between your monitoring staff and the Police.

As we see from last night’s event, the system worked perfectly. Again, please send a huge Thank You to the Delta police and your Sonitrol monitoring staff for their outstanding work!

Yours Sincerely,
Dan Salerno
Supply Chain Specialist
Frontier Power Products ULC

Topics: Verified Reponse, Criminal Apprehension

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