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Sonitrol verified security system stops criminals at Maple Ridge Towing

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 2, 2008 2:26:00 PM



"As you know, we are a towing company who have grasped at straws for years too protect our clients’ vehicles that are towed and stored in our compound.


We knew we needed to do something to protect our clients’ vehicles when we heard through the community “don’t let Maple Ridge Towing tow your car as your vehicle will get broken into while it is in their compound.”


Once we heard this, we knew we needed to get some proper security for our compound or this reputation could seriously damage our business. We contacted Maple Ridge Police to verify if they had experience with Sonitrol and the confirmed they had and had been successful in catching intruders with the system.


I was suspicious of any video system, as our neighbours had employed CCTV in the past and had recorded video of thefts, which were useless to the police, disappointing to watch, and at one point actually had their CCTV cameras stolen. Once I understood that Sonavision was actually monitored by your central station, I immediately purchased a system.


Well, the investment has paid off! Last night our Sonavision system detected a thief breaking into numerous vehicles. Your operators dispatched the police; multiple officers arrived in minutes and apprehended the thief in the act!


Please pass our thanks along to your operators and the Maple Ridge Police for recommending Sonitrol and for arriving promptly!"


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