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Sonitrol's SonaVision Detects Another Intruder

Posted by Joe Wilson

Dec 1, 2016 9:59:32 AM

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We are thrilled to be writing a letter to thank the Surrey RCMP, their 911 operators and your Sonitrol monitoring staff for their great work in arresting the thief who broke into our compound at 1:00 AM this morning!

 When we moved into our new building in 2007, we installed your VERIFIED Active Audio system to protect our building, due in large part from the endorsements of the Surry RCMP, the Beedie Group, and our realtor at Colliers. That system has been magnificent and has never let us down.

 After 6 years of feeling like we were throwing our money away by paying a guard service to drive by our compound a few times a night to “check on things” we re-evaluated our thought process. Catching someone breaking into our yard would be like finding the needle in a haystack! We installed your VERIFIED Sonavision Live Monitored Video in 2013 and have slept soundly ever since. The capture last night just reinforces our confidence in not only your technology, but also the professionalism of your front line staff.

 Again, please pass our thanks along to the Surrey RCMP and all others involved for their great work this morning.


 Franco Rasera
Aquiform Distributors Ltd.


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