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Thinking of a conventional alarm? Think twice, says Sonitrol security client, Ryan Manufacturing

Posted by Joe Wilson

Jul 6, 2006 10:43:00 AM



"We built an office and manufacturing facility in late 2005. At that time we had Sonitrol and conventional alarm providers give us security proposals to protect this facility. Although we were impressed with Sonitrol's product we did not believe we were at risk for a break-in, so we chose to purchase a conventional from a large multinational alarm company.


When we advised you that we were not going to use your services you tried to politely educate us that although less expensive, a conventional alarm would not deter thieves, would not detect thieves in a prompt fashion and would not garner a quick police response. Of course being the security experts that we are, we believed that you were trying to "sell fear" to get our business.


Well - you were not trying to sell us! We have experienced numerous break-ins. We have spent additional capital to reinforce our doors, and put up bars and bollards to stop vehicles from driving through our doors and windows. What we saved by not using Sonitrol has been triply spent in an effort to stop our break-ins. In our most recent break-in, the alarm company called to advise they were receiving door and motion alarms and asked us what they would like us to do 20 minutes after the break-in.


We asked that they send their guard service who arrived 50 minutes that!... to confirm it was a real break-in. With all this break-in activity, we have asked our neighbours and law enforcement if they have any security recommendations. We keep hearing "use Sonitrol".


No one makes a poor decision on purpose. We know our business, but we know nothing about security. We really wish we had listened to you and encourage anyone who is considering the use of a conventional alarm system to think twice. Sonitrol are true security professionals and trust me, the most expensive alarm is the one that needs to be replaced. I am pleased to speak with anyone who wants to confirm our experience with conventional unverified alarms.


Sonitrol is not blowing smoke! What they tell you will happen will happen! I only wish our conventional alarm provider had been honest with us about how ineffective (although less expensive) their system would be."


Ali Fatemi,  Security Officer




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