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Volvo Penta on the effectiveness of the high security Sonitrol system

Posted by Joe Wilson

May 4, 2004 5:33:00 PM



"As you know, our Sonitrol system was installed in October 2003, following two break-ins that the existing conventional alarm system did little to discourage and which resulted in loss of equipment and damages amounting to over $40,000. The alarm records, together with comments made by the Burnaby RCMP, indicated that the intruders were inside for less than a minute with the alarm only triggering 20 seconds or so after motion INSIDE the building had been detected. This, however, is more than enough time for experienced thieves to obtain entry, grab whatever goods they can, and escape well before the police arrive.


Having lost faith in conventional alarm systems (not to mention our peace of mind), we made the decision to switch to Sonitrol, confident that if this system was everything you professed it to be, it would discourage further break-in attempts and elicit apprehension of any intruders not so wisely discouraged. Our confidence was well placed, and to date, we have had no such attempts. We are convinced that, should another attempt be made, the police would be dispatched while the potential intruders were still trying to gain access. The effectiveness of this system has no comparison, an opinion echoed by property managers, security companies and other visitors to our building who have experienced first hand the high security provided by the Sonitrol system.


But, the system alone is not the only area where your company excels. Sonitrol is staffed by a team which truly believes in its product and extends genuine customer service to a degree well beyond that of most companies. In particular, Joe, you provided us with a wealth of information regarding the effectiveness of security products in general, and Stuart's knowledge, efficiency and good nature were much appreciated during the installation. The customer support we receive from Mike, Kris, Robin and your monitoring staff has also been exceptional.


I am so impressed with your system and your company that I recommend Sonitrol every chance I can, and I would be pleased to speak with anyone considering this security solution. Thank you for giving us back our peace of mind!


Alison Szabo, Volvo Penta



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