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2 Perps Caught While Picking Locks At Entrance To Salon

Posted by Joe Wilson

Feb 5, 2016 11:30:00 AM


I am writing to say thanks to the Calgary Police Department, their 911 staff and your Sonitrol operators for their great work in apprehending the 2 thieves who broke into my salon very early on Saturday morning.

We installed your verified impact audio detection system in January AFTER previously being broken into twice incurring thousands of dollars in losses due to stolen product and repairs.  Our conventional alarm system was hapless in getting us the response that is required.  This weekend, your system was tested and passed with honours!  Your operators heard the thieves as they were attempting to break in and dispatched the Calgary Police right away.  Only a few moments later, they were arrested and taken away.

The technology you can share with 911 and the Police is very powerful because the Police knew our breach was real and responded immediately.  There was no siren blaring and no strobe light going to even let our intruder know that our alarm system had been activated...

Again, we are very pleased with the result and want to give a huge Thank You to the attending officers and all involved for their terrific response!

Your Sincerely, 

Jami Symons

Jami Symons Salon

Listen To The Attemped Break In Here (MP3)

Donwload The Letter (PDF)

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